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Pick Author: May 15th, 2015

NBA Playoffs: HOU Rockets vs LA Clippers Game 7

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
05/17/2015 HOU Rockets LA Clippers Away -1 20 -110 Loss 2200 0 -2200

I just love the spots like this one. I am so happy I stayed away from game 6 in these series guessing the rat was in making and later on the move. Well, it all begun in game 5 which I also stayed away where the Clips were expected to win and finish the series but the Rockets somehow won and “forced” game 6 saving Vegas an unbalanced trading/betting tray. Martyngaling has begun (and I stayed away from that altogether smelling the rat) and those who lost their bets on game 5 on the Clips moved in big for the Clips to win at home laying ridiculous sums paying even more ridiculous juice on LAC money line. Why money line? Because Vegas forced them to by releasing the opening line of -8.5 LAC.

So, now we are on game 7 and the whole community of basketball lovers, haters, know it allers and no nothingers – anyone who ever had been around the court at this or another stage of his or her life will be interviewed and try to explain what has caused the collapse of the Clips. Not only that – you will be hit with the stats how much home teams have won the game sevens and the main question will be – how long will LA Clippers -1 will last before it becomes HOU Rockets -1.

Well, it will go around those number more or less.

Always remember that whatever for an average gambling degenerate is an agonizing and unbelievable loss – for a regular folk for whom the game has only an entertainment value – whatever happened in game 6 was an unbelievable drama that reinforces his believe that the NBA is the best league in the world where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and he’s being soon joined up by his mid west family singing with him – WE LOVE NBA! And they are right. NBA is an entertainment and same as you wouldn’t think to complain about Super Fly Jummy Snooka laying down to an Undertaker and wouldn’t blame it on Jimmy’s bad shape and form or the Refs interference – for that exact reason it is funny for me to read how people are whining about the bias.

Look, IMO NBA is a circus, only, instead of the bears driving tricycles for our amusements – we have school dropouts from the projects driving Porsche. That is all.

This is a 20 Units Play

LA Clippers -1  -110 

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