NBA Playoffs: HOU Rockets vs GS Warriors Game 4

I can’t betray the philosophy that brought me here. And even if I lose tonight (I’m long due, let’s face it) – I’ll do it standing up. Something yesterday put dent in Vegas and NBA planning when the poor Hawks couldn’t pull a win even if they played against LA Sparks (yeah, Sparks). It will be very hard for LBJ keep staging fake injuries during the game and who knows what will game 4 bring in Cleveland, but today’s game outcome may very well be influenced by yesterday’s and in the case the Cavs are going to sweep – today the Warriors may be completing that sweep. Or not. This is a very weak play for me and I know in this one I surrender to the action demon – but with 26-12 and over 14k winnings – what the heck – let’s have fun.

This is a 10 units play

HOU Rockets +4.5  -110