NBA Playoffs: GS Warriors vs MEM Grizzlies Game 5 Totals

I’m careful with this bet as much as one can be careful with sportsbetting – but I can’t understand how Vegas time after time puts benchmarks the totals between those teams and the public goes after Vegas for the fifth time.

Game 1 at GS – totals set 194, 76% of the bets are on Over driving it up to 196. Ok, I can understand the public going after the stats which at that time show 22-17 O/U GS at home and 22-17 O/U Memphis away. Well, the game ends up 101-86 (187 points) and Under.

Game 2 at GS – totals set 196, 77% of the bets are on Over driving it up to 198.5. And all this after Game one ended 9 points under the mark.. Well, the game ends up 90-97 (187 points) and 11.5 Under the mark.

Game 3 at Memphis – totals set 195.5, 78% of the bets are on Over driving it up to 196.5. This time even the stats point that the Under is more likely to happen because it is  11-25-3 O/U Memphis at home and 15-24 O/U GS away. Well, the game ends up 99-89 (188 points) and 8.5 points Under the mark.

Game 4 at Memphis – the totals are set at 195 but 74% of the bets on Over driving it up to 196. The game ends at 84-101 (185) and 11 points Under the mark.

Now, Game 5 totals are set at 194.5 and driven up to 196 points by 73%  bettors on totals betting Over.

I’m not an oracle and can’t have no mistake proof handicapping – but from a handicappers perspective – Vegas “makes” a huge mistake and the public is making even bigger one without even checking last game stats. May be because  I talked so much I will have to eat my hat after the game – but if to bet the totals – Under is the right bet here.

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This is a 10 Units Play

Under 196  -110