NBA Playoffs: CLE Cavaliers vs ATL Hawks Game 3

After last night – it is hard to get back and handicap the games from a sportive angle. That train has left the station some time ago. I again imagine to myself what would I want the outcome to be if I incorporated the interests of NBA, Vegas and the Networks and I can’t escape the feeling that I would want Atlanta to triumph tonight. Let’s begin with NBA interests – 4 game sweep is in no way good for the league because first of all it would absolutely prove that what the p[layers are claiming by asking to shorten the regular league because the regular season means crap when the playoffs come – will become a nightmare for the league and it is lucky they have such disciplined superstar as LBJ and not a rebellion leader MJ. It also will create a little drama and will put a doubt in game 4 outcome making it interesting. But even if the Hawks would fail to win it outright – to cover they must. Here come s Vegas voicing it’s concerns about giving third game in a row to the public in these series if the Cavs will cover. Shaving a point and here is not harming no one except us the degenerates so let it be. And the networks – they do not even want to hear about the sweep possibility. They have all the data ready proving how much they have already lost this season because the coaches do not take as much as last minute time outs as they used to to improve the game flow.

But let us say it is all one big baloney and I ma making it all up just to prove my point. Let us analyse it sportively. Atlanta is not here because they are a bad team. Korver this and Korver that. Well, Korver is not MJ. Nor is Horford. Nor anyone on Atlanta team. What do you think the coaching stuff did all this two days besides working on rebounds and convincing second tier players that this is their chance to prove their worth. Now those players couldn’t give a damn about LBJ and his kingdom status. They will be all over the Cavs trying to embarrass them on their own court and in the process to get a better grip of the playing time. And the Cavs? LBJ is getting us ready for his injury for few games now and can pull the “hamstring” at any moment he will feel that this is what will get the Hawks a little break. Rebounding? Early fouls by the refs who are especially assigned to tonight’s game.

Now if I am right I am a genius and if not – just the guy who got lucky 25 times this NBA Playoffs season.

I see the game going down the wire.

This is a 10 units play

ATL Hawks +9  -115