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Pick Author: May 20th, 2015

NBA Playoffs: ATL Hawks vs CLE Cavaliers Game 1

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
05/20/2015 ATL Hawks CLE Cavaliers Away +1 10 -110 Win 1100 2100 1000

When I see the Cavs being +1 at Atlanta and I know there is game 2 to be played in Atlanta as well – I say to myself that the following scenario is most likely to be played. I’ll borrow Mavin’s code from his BOT with IF’s and the algorithm to visualize to you all the likely possibilities:

But, first, let me ask you if you believe that the Hawks are going to sweep the Cavs in these series? IF not – do you believe the Cavs will lose both games in Atlanta? IF not – then one of the two games is going to be won by the Cavs. Right? So, is it going to be game 1? IF not, what do you think the line would be for the game 2?  Would it be at least Cavs +1 again? IF not – will the Cavs money line will be reasonable enough to use it as a martyngale? And IF the Cavs will also lose the game 2 – will I be willing to pay the juiice for the Cavs money line in game 3? YES. This is a key answer. YES.  You got to take a risk to gain.

Now, I see that the media succeeded to convince many people to take the Hawks in game 1. Ok, but I do not want tpo take a 50/50 risk. I’d rather go with plus line with LBJ rather than minus line with the Hawks martyngaling their wins. Or am I wrong.

Years back – MK and MrBator had a great argument regarding the Mavs vs Fakers series which the Mavs swept while MrBator was arguing that the Fakers will not win a single game while MK lost 4 in a row waiting for the Fakers to win. That was one of MK’s most monumental losses (BTW, that season he won 13 in a row beforehand and 12 in a row afterwards in different sports with 4 losses in a middle – all here on covers). So, I amy be right at that spot where MK had his temporary downfall and MrBator established himself as an oracle of the doom and one of the best if not the best handicapper ever, but I will take my chances with LBJ and the Cavs rather than with lifeless Hawks. And I may be wrong big time.

I will have couple more bets on this game but this one is going martyngale IF a loss.

This is a 10 Units Play

CLE Cavaliers +1  -110

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