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Pick Author: February 28th, 2014

NBA Friday: CLE Cavaliers vs UTAH Jazz Totals

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
02/28/2014 CLE Cavaliers UTAH Jazz Under 193.5 3 -125 Win 375 675 300

I have no other reason than to say that LVSC either made a huge mistake calculating totals for this game or they know something we don’t. Teams that played last 6 Overs between themselves, the teams that last time around without any reason the totals were set at 190.5 after an Over in a game that totals were at 200.5 and mistakes again and again by oddsmakers – now we have the totals at 192.5 and down from 193.5 originally released while the Jazz does not even recognize those numbers as their last five games ended at: 195. 208. 225, 196 and 203 points. The Cav’s last five were: 218. 192, 179, 189 and 194. But, and this is the huge but – the teams they scored a bunch against – were the teams who did not really show up for a game and also we have the refs fitted for an Under. I believe that in the last game between the two – big money was on Under and the teams did not “deliver” it. So, as much as I am in fear to take Under here – I know that is the right play as LVSC does not go wrong twice in a row with the same teams. Just in case – I will also have a Over play on the first half as I believe that the defenses will be non existent in the first half. I will buy back the point thou.

This is 3 Units Play

Under 193.5  -125

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