NBA Finals: GS Warriors vs CLE Cavaliers Game 1

I love this time of the year. I am preparing for the trip to Germany for the Champions League finals, tomorrow is the Game 7 in Rangers TB series in NHL and NBA finals are around the corner. If the Rangers advance to the finals – I’ll be hurrying back statewide. IOf not – what the hell – I’ll be staying in Europe watching the NBA finals from there. But first of all tomorrow I am the MSG suite and this time I hope I will see the Rangers playing at home the way they have been playing away.

In regard to the NBA finals – I love when the Cavs are such obvious underdogs for Game 1. It is a martyngale opportunity Par Excellance.  I don’t believe the Warriors will win both at home. Besides I have 4K more won than planned for the whole playoffs . So. Why not gamble on Blatt to bring it to the Warriors right at their home from game 1? And if they lose game 1 – there is alays a game 2 with even better lines and the odds. Tese finals I will be backing away teams to tear apart the home factor. Rangers just have shown why.

I know – the eastern conference teams are weaker than the western ones. But LBJ is here and Curry is even softer than LBJ. Because LBJ is not really a soft or a choker but paid his dues to NBA. Now it is the time for getting back what he gave. NBA is dying to erase MJ as the games best player and although for those who saw MJ in action and see LBJ – we know the difference and improbability of MJ being ever dethroned – those who did not most probably will remember LBJ the KING as the best.

The Warriors got their breaks and all who raised their eyebrows seeing Harden handing the win and the cover to the Dubs – please remember that he was handed the same in game beforehand. Now the Dubs have to pay.

Now, I wanted to have two plays here – ML and ATS for the Cavs but came to a realization that because the Public will be all over the Cavs in game 1 – it may be thrown away money. But – if the Cavs will lose first one and will not even cover – oh Mamma Mia – I will go big on them game 2. ML and ATS. May be 🙂

No. Now I changed my mind. It does not make sense what I wrote as if so – I should be taking the Dubs game one because Vegas is Vegas and every Tom, Dick and Harry are on the Cavs…. Martyngale will begin after this game.

As I see it:

Game 1 Dubs

Game 2 Cavs

Game 3 Cavs

Game 4 Dubs

Game 5 Cavs OT

Game 6 Dubs OT

Game 7 -open for all. The real game

*** NOTE: I was writing this one for few hours and did not want to erase my thoughts and convictions as well as how much they were changing

This is a 10 Units Play

GS Warriors -5.5  -110