MLB Saturday: SD Padres vs DET Tigers

With Verlander on the mound (21-2 Interleague record with four years of not losing to an Interleague opponent as well as posting 1.72 ERA) and Hunter back – the Tigers who were limited to a single hit last night – will go out hamming tonight. But, on the other hand we have Kennedy who is although with negative record in Interleague games but won the last one in August against the Yankees and also won his last decision against Miami allowing 3 hits and 1 run ib 6 innings contrary to Verlander who lost to the Orioles. Since the odds on a ML have been moving in an opposite direction to the majority of the bets supporting the Tigers – I guess the Big Money is on Padres and I go where I smell the Big Money. So, since Phixer already has published hos support for the Over here – I will go with the Padres ML.

SD Padres  +125