Mixed Sports Special Bet: Parlay Double Teaser on Totals

The totals line in the NBA game between the Dubs and the Clips opened at 214.5 and went all the way down to 212 while 7 out of every 10 bets are on Over.

The TNF totals did what I expected them to do and even anticipated to happen – after dropping down 2 points to 42 from 44 despite the strong public support for the Over – now, 150 minutes before the kick off (precise time the American bettors begin betting massively) – the line climbed up a point to 43 visible to all and telling to all who wants to know that the Over is expected. All that after the books exhausted all the Over bets from those thinking totals line is too low.

This is a 5 Units Play

JAX Jaguars vs TEN Titans Under 52.5 -355 (+) GS Warriors vs LA Clippers Under 219.5 -250= -126

*You can take any teaser if you can’t buy the points like I suggested. ¬†49.5 and 216.5 are still a play