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Pick Author: January 30th, 2014

Euroleague Top Sixteen Round 5: Real Madrid vs Maccabi Tel Aviv Totals

Game Date Home Team Away Team Pick Units Odds State Invested Return Profit
01/30/2014 Real Madrid Maccabi Tel Aviv Over 161.5 3 -110 Loss 330 0 -330

When those teams meet – no matter if you are a fan of one of them or not – you gotta watch it and the satisfaction guaranteed. Two cornerstone teams of European basketball scene (Panathinaikos, CSKA, Olympiakos, Barcelona and some Italian and ex Yugoslavian teams included of course, but those two are from the top of the top) meet up for clash of the Titans meeting when CSKA and those two are fighting for a home advantage during the knock out stage before the Final Four.

Looking at the stats and the number released by “not so witty” handicapping specialists as in the last week gives us a nice chance to capitalize here.

Real Madrid played two games at5 this stage at home scoring 111 and 89 points which makes its offensive scoring PPG 100 exactly. Their defensive scoring PPG at home stands at 85.5 (87 and 84). Maccabi’s offensive scoring PPG is 88.5 (87 and 90) while defensive scoring PPG is at 81 (78 and 84). So, if we calculate like last week when we hit the score of the precisely – it should be 100 – 85.5 vs 88.5 – 81. Or, in reverse order (100+81)/2= 90.5 Real vs (85.5+88.5)/2= 87. Meaning – Real Madrid 90 or 91 against 87 Maccabi. One way or another that means Over the line of 161.5.

This is 3 Unit play

Over 161.5  -110

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