ASC Divisional Playoff Saturday: NE Patriots vs BAL Ravens First Half

After discussing the game between us – me and MK came to a conclusion that the best bet on this game is a first half bet on the Ravens +4. It serves all the purposes all around and is also most likely to happen since the opposite is anticipated.

The Ravens will be eager to open strong since the Pats had an extra week to rest. Therefore the protection Brady will get in the first half will be less effective than in a second. It is also will be an opposite scenario to Flacco’s 3 TD’s the last time around those two met when the ravens erased a first half deficit only to blank the Pats in a ssecond half.

It will also serve Vegas who has already many bettors insisting Ravens cover and they will be in their own imagination in a driver’s seat with Ravens leading or at least covering the first.

This is a 10 Units Play

BAL Ravens +4  First Half  -110