AFC Wildcard Playoff Sunday: IND Colts vs CIN Bengals

MK – This is the easiest pick this weekend as far as I am concerned . The numbers are too strong to overlook here. The Indy offense and the defense showed it’s playoff form in 27-0 win here a couple a months ago and not much has changed since then match up wise.IND Colts -4-4

SportsMavin – Following the Bengals’ recent performance – Vegas has dropped the opening line to 3 points favoring the hosts but the bettors and their money have driven the line to -4. That absolutely matches the overall feeling I get for this game. IND Colts -4.

KingMidasTouch – I have a feeling this game is a consencus between all of us here at Rainmaker365. IND Colts -4

VagasWikiLeaks – If I could – I would take this game at the Colts -7 easily. Ground offense the Bengals would need to launch is nowhere near what could harm the Colts. Aerial advantage the Lots have is too significant. Especially at home. IND Colts -4.

Phixer – It is definetely a concensus. IND Colts -4

This is a 20 Units Play

IND Colts -4  -110