AFC Wildcard Playoff: PIT Steelers vs BAL Ravens

This is a fierce rivalry which has gone to the playoff 3 times – 2002. 2009 and 2011/ All the games were played in Pittsburgh and all have ended in favor of the Steelers. Well, 4 years later we again have this meeting  – so what is so different now compared to the previous meetings?

MK – The most interesting wildcard game by far. Bell’s absence from the Steelers line up weakens the multi dimensional attacking capabilities of the Steelers and puts all the weight on Antonio Brown offensively. Same Brown who burned the Ravens in a recent mmeting between the teams posting an 11 catch, 144 yard performance and catching a spectacular 54 yard touchdown pass in the fourth quarter. So, will the Ravens’ pass defense ranked 23rd be able to contain Brown? I doubt it. I also doubt the refs will cut any slack to the Ravens in Pittsburgh.  PIT Steelers -3.5

SportsMavin – The Steelers are high in ranking in many categories and when we come to Big Ben – there is no doubt he’s a better mission oriented QB than Flacco.  PIT Steelers -3.5

KingMidasTouch: I can clearly see how Bell’s absence is going to be instrumental in this game: instead of hurting the Steelers offensive efforts – it will give the Steelers an opportunity to display Brown’s all around capacity – but there are no guarantees for that. PIT Steelers -3.5

VagasWikiLeaks: This is a clearly “will the Steelers be as offensively prudent without Bell” and “will the Ravens make significant improvement on pass defense” game. If I have to choose between the two – my answer is BAL Ravens +3.5

Phixer: Harbaugh brother’s tenure this season is not going to end in Pittsburgh. There is no way the Raven’s will be as transparent in their offensive and defensive plays as they were last time around in Pittsburgh. And even if they will lose – I like the half point hook on a FG here. BAL Ravens +3.5

Here, as in the game in Carolina – I will be at the minority by choosing the Ravens, but that is my pick and I will go with all the way.

This is a 10 Units Play

BAL Ravens +3.5  -110