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Article Author: February 26th, 2018

How the Bot idea was born…

Unlike most of the people – I had all lined up for me. Good education, loving parents, military service at the world’s top cyber unit. I could do anything I wanted. I could be a millionaire just like that by creating or joining one of the scam ponzy schemes programmed for the weak minded and lazy people dreaming to become millionaires overnight. Many of my colleagues were doing it just for fun (and lots of money), binary options, Forex, casinos online etc etc. But, I had a strong family background with religious upbringing with strong principal beliefs what is right and what is not right. I would never engage in any kind of business based on Zero Sum Games principle. What is that? Well, Zero Sum Games theory is the one saying in simple words that in order for someone to make money – someone else has to lose it. I strongly believed then and strongly believe now that in order to truly make it – one has to invent something that will be based on anything but Zero Sum Games principle. Like some sort of the robot that will create enough income for regular Joe to make him stop worrying about paying bills and finally do what he or she wanted to do and meant to do by the nature. Complicated? Not really. What if you really and without any doubt could engage in such online activity that would drive enough resources to you so you would stop worrying about tomorrow and start living today knowing tomorrow is taken care off as well? Sounds crazy? I know. But, please bear with me just for few more moments – moments that will surely change your life and your perspective on it.
Imagine yourself joining with another one, two or thousand persons like yourself and all of us doing something incredibly smart and at the same time incredibly simple all at the whim of my hand all at once in unison? And that something will immediately – as soon as this evening – start adding to your equity making you richer than yesterday every single day from now and thru the eternity?
I know. Sounds crazy. But, it is all real and it is here and most importantly – no one is losing the money we’re making but it comes from the markets we created ourselves while even the banking institutions won’t feel it.
Is that legal? Barely legal. Yet. And that is where the time factor comes in. This loop hole which you will understand pretty soon – won’t stay there forever. New people who would want to join in the future – may encounter some difficulties and stay out. But, those who would join now – would enjoy the rights of so called “tenants” even when the regulatory bodies will finally find time for us and try to push some regulations in.
But, now – the ground is clear.
So, what is it I am talking about and how soon you can join and what you have to do to become eligible for this great opportunity – to become financially comfortable for the rest of your life – I have created for you?

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