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Article Author: March 21st, 2014

Guide to a Profitable Binary Options Trading

Which Binary Options Brokers We Use and Why?Stock Trader Looking At Multiple Monitors

Our choice of the brokers is based on following factors:

  • Safety of the funds – meaning that the brokers are third party insured, or regulated thus ensuring that the funds we have in our accounts are sound and safe.
  • No hassle deposit and withdrawal procedures which have been tested personally with at least 5 withdrawals in different sums up to a 25,000$ in one shot.
  • Fast and easy trading platform.
  • Courteous and responsive customer support, but, most importantly – personal relationships developed by us allowing us easy and ready access to principal position holders withing brokers in order to bring to a fast and satisfactory solution to any possible issues raised by us or the traders referred by us.
  • Easily accessible learning and training facilities online for new comers.

We use two groups of brokers: those regulated under CySec and accepting only Non US based traders and those that are third party insured and sub companies of regulated ones that do accept US based traders. So far we have established relationships based on written above with MarketOptions (Accepts US based traders) and OptionRally (Non US Traders).

Following the trades based on the system we have developed at Rainmaker365 is absolutely FREE and in order to do so effectively Р you have to take the following steps:

  1. Register with and subscribe to our email service in order to receive by mail all the trading signals as well as the news feed.
  2. Subscribe to RSS feed from
  3. Sign up with Twitter (@rainmaker365com, @phixerphixer, @sportsmavin) and follow

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