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Article Author: May 25th, 2014

First 4 Days of Trading with VOL1

We have already completed 4 days of trading with VOL1 by our Wave ZERO Beta testers. During that period – besides trading and profiting – we came to some important resolutions in various fields we were examining as we have a better understanding what are the features we’d better grant as most users like to have and which features we think better be kept out of reach of the users. It has to do with Money Management Console within VOL1. For an example – contrary of what we thought would be an a part of optimal performance by VOL1 MMC – most users would like to decide themselves when to make a withdrawal and we agree with that although VOL1 will still advice to make a withdrawal of Half the Won amount as soon as the Bankroll will Double itself, and reset itself as soon as the Withdrawal is processed setting a new Bankroll One and Half the size of an initial one as the new “initial” Bankroll, thus increasing the size of the future trades. That  guarantees constant growth of both the bankroll and the trading sizes as well as the constant growth of the amount of the funds we will withdraw. Each new withdrawal will be bigger than the one before. But – according to the comments but mostly according to your emails – most of you prefer to get only a heads up by VOL1 and make the decision by yourselves based on your personal needs and preference. Well, those who still would like to follow VOL1 MMC advise in regard of the withdrawals  – can still do it by simply withdrawing the exact amounts from the brokers VOL1 will advise precisely when it will advise. So, that subject is closed and you will have a choice to either follow strictly MM advises or do it with your own timing, amount of withdrawals and the brokers you would wanna withdraw from. Just take into a consideration that after each withdrawal, VOL1 will recalculate the trading sizes according to availability of the funds at each of the accounts in particular and a bankroll in general. Another issue put for a public debate was a size of an initial trade which we set at 2.5% of the “initial”  (by “initial” bankroll we mean the bankroll at the very beginning of trading with VOL1 or a bankroll after each withdrawal) bankroll. Some of you wanted to also have a control of how big the size of the initial trade should be in relation with a bankroll. But we have decided that at this stage – leaving that decision to a user will seriously jeopardize an optimal performance by VOL1 MMC . Therefore we have decided that the decision about the trade size will remain under VOL1 MMC control.

Before addressing additional issues we have come to resolution about – let us first recap the First 4 Days of Trading with VOL1:

  • 4 days of trading altogether. Little over 30 hours to be more precise.
  • 47 trades conducted.
  • 31 wins, 1 push and 15 losses.
  • Total of 13,302.5 MU (money units – $ & Euros) profit.

And this is a Beta Testing stage with most problems. That means that with 10K bankroll an average of 443.41 MU in profit are produced per every hour of trading. 5 trading days a week, minimum of 12 hours of trading a day – that’s 5,321 MU a day and 26,605 MU a week reaching over 125K profits a month. And this is no myth. And neither an exaggeration by any means since it all happens here in front of our very own eyes. Now, it is pretty clear to us and  anyone with a little common sense and a life experience  that  the wisest things to do on our part to allow VOL1 to profit on a continuous bases over a long period of time would be:

  • Reducing trading hours per day from 12 to 6 or 8 hours.
  • Find, test and approve more brokers so we can distribute the winnings among as many brokers as possible allowing us to fly under the radar for as long as possible.
  • Continue the development of additional financial tools, or the next generation of Money Generating Tools as we call it (we already have up our sleeves Sports Betting Surebet Automated System that will be less noticeable  with online books but not less if not more profitable than VOL1).

We at rainmaker365 will continue our mission to create a financially comfortable world for our community based on life philosophy we all share here.

4 days

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