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Article Author: May 3rd, 2014

Extra Ordinary Opportunity For Us to Cash on Game 7’s of the First Round of NBA Playoffs

The inevitable moment has come with Vegas cashing big on prolonged series in the first round of NBA playoffs. Never before we had in the first round so many game 7’s as this postseason. “Naturally” the teams  – that know each other so well  – put up a big “resistance” to each other and now it is a real good Spot for us to be cashing on what is and was inevitable weak spot for Vegas. As i see it – the Spurs and the Thunder are two teams their ML can be parlayed for multiple units with a very high probability they both hit. I will also parlay their ATS as I feel that in Game Seven for both all the previous “mishaps” will be long gone and forgotten and we will see the real abilities. At least from the opening of the game especially in the first Halves. Indian Pacers and LA Clippers are a very good Spot plays too although not as good as OKC and the Spurs. I will also add one unit parlay with all 4 teams – the Clippers, the Pacers, the Spurs and the Thunder. Although the line for 3 out 4 are already out – I will wait on the line for SA-Mavs game.

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