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Article Author: January 27th, 2018

Crypto Currency Signals – Manual and Digital, Publicly Open Robot Development. Prologue

cryptosignalsI decided to purchase this site for several reasons: I liked it’s name and the character of community effort to create financial instruments from scratch. Because, I consider myself an expert in creating not only financial instruments available for the use of wide public, but, I also make sure my instruments are thought thru from the beginning and will not encounter unexpected problems and experience unexpected issues like it seemed it happened with the previous owners who tried very hard and with absolute integrity to develop some robot that would create an extra income for the community members first and for the wide public next – but, failed to deliver the product in its originally engineered form as they have encountered countless problems regulation wise and functionality wise.

Well, that is not going to happen with us and the product we are going to develop here is different in its essence from the attempt to develop the product by the previous owners who tried to develop a public friendly product in a very unfriendly  in an unfriendly Ecosystem rooted in Zero Sum Games: in order for the public to profit – the “other” public had to lose. That didn’t make any sense and although the idea was great to develop a public friendly licensed product – still, it was not really thought thru.

Our product in development is not designed to be operated in Zero Sum Games Ecosystem, but, in an absolutely friendly Ecosystem where no one has to lose for someone to gain. The Crypto Markets Ecosystem we plan to develop and operate our product at is a novice market yet known to very little and is not infiltrated by the banking system and the liquidity providers so there is no need for someone lose anything as it is more like regular stock markets and indices rather than binary markets the previous owners aimed their product at.

So, this is an opening “speech” to be followed by several Sessions that will get us all on the same page. It will be like in a boot camp – we will make sure that all of us are equally positioned and possess same level of knowledge as to how to operate in the Crypto Currency markets having registered with various exchanges and being adequately familiar with the infrastructure to facilitate the first manual signals sent by me and then facilitating the digital signals before finally getting connected to the robot that will operate by each and everyone’s personal preferences acquired during the manual and digital signal receiving.

Welcome and Best of Luck.

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