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Wave ZERO archive

Article Author: June 27th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 3 – Daily Trades Analysis, Withdrawals and the Conclusions

There is a tremendous amounts of emails we’re getting inquiring about the withdrawal process and expressing concern that we may have started Wave ONE without notifying all who’s on the list. Well, Wave ONE did not begin yet as we are in a middle of withdrawal process of half the profits we accumulated during 20 days of trading. During that period we managed to more than to double our bankroll and did it in motion while fine tuning the system. I like to think of myself as a relatively modest person, but in this case – I must say how proud I am of what we have achieved here. Technically, Mathematically, Financially, but most importantly – Money Management wise. So, let us first go over the numbers. We have divided the whole record sheet into 4 parts each including 5 days of trading. We will analyse each and every part and see what have we achieved at the beginning, how tough did it get later and how smooth was the final run. We began with $30,000 per beta tester scattered over 3 brokers ($10,000 within each broker, some beta testers currency of choice were Euros). 5 Beta Testers  and me. Our goal was doubling the bankroll we began with and after that withdrawing half the winnings thus creating a new bankroll 1.5 times the previous bankroll and as a result increasing the size of initial trade gradually with each doubling/withdrawing the half the gains. First 5 Days of Trading:  51 trades altogether conducted. 33 wins and 17 losses and 1 push. We profited in the process $13,997.5 (Euros in case of two European Beta testers who chose to open their accounts in Euros over some brokers). Two of the beta testers were not able to log in into their accounts due to technical problems which were resolved immediately after conducting a first day of trading. So, those two will carry that load of not profiting $ 1,215 each. Otherwise the table is similar to all besides me as I conducted most of my trades with OR while the beta testers used MO, BO and BLO alternating between each broker. One more problem we encountered at the beginning was VOL1 relating to a bankroll as $10,000 instead of $30,000 thus making initial trades with $250 instead of $750 as it should have (2.5% of 30,000). That problem lasted more than 10 days of trading before resolution. There were also problems with VOL1 getting “stuck” with certain sizes of trades. Later we understood that VOL1 was “smarter” than we assumed and has understood the concept of “mixed” trades we were teaching it through presenting it with a big variety of algorithmic choices. First5Days                   Second 5 Days of trading was the period with most problems being resolved in  motion as the results speak for themselves:  43 trades conducted, 23 wins and 20 losses producing $1.322.5 of profits. Second5Days                 Third 5 Days of trading were considerably better than the 5 days before producing $7,147.5 profits on 33 trades going 21-12. After going the first day 8-8, the last 4 days produced 13-4 result. The reasons for improvement vary but mostly can be accounted to a   toughened criteria for taking a trading position as it was redefined for a system. Third5Days               Fourth 5 Days of Trading were the most productive days concluded by a close to perfect run. The results of all the fine tuning were mostly seen in last two days but overall outcome was amazing:  35-23 (18-2 in last two days) and plus $13,332.5. Fourth5Days                   That all produced overall record of 112-72 with +$35,800 for me and 3 beta testers while the other two have enjoyed 106-72 with + $34,585. Last2DaysandTotal           Interesting thing about all this to see what alternating the trades between the 3 brokers have produced:  $8,077.5 were won over MO, $28,180 (!!!) were won over BO while over BLO $457.5 were lost (according to system record and verified by each beta tester – except for two who were locked out the first day and subsequently won $7,672.5 over MO, won $27,775 over BO and lost $862.5 over BLO). Withdrawals At that part we have realized that we have a slight problem we have to take care of: when we were engineering our Money Management Console and writing a code for Withdrawal dictate by VOL1, we did not take into a consideration situation when the profits will exceed double the amount of initial bankroll all at once. The last 11 trades were conducted with the same expiry time bu VOL1 as the system identified favorable meddling opportunities and when the trades were concluded – we were $5,800 over the doubling an initial bankroll in 3 cases of Beta testers and my case,  and $4,585 over the doubling the initial bankroll with 2 beta testers who were locked out of trading on the first day. But we all got the same notification from VOL1 to withdraw half the profited sum of $35,800 – $17,900. That happened because the system calculated half the profits from it’s own performance and not by scanning the bankroll of each trader connected individually. So, first we had to “teach” VOL1 to relate to each trader’s bankroll individually while dictating withdrawal, and second – VOL1 had to calculate the withdrawal sizes from each broker in a way that the balances would be closest to equal with all 3. At that point we decided that there is no point to wait for rewriting the code for a second problem and went ahead with minimalist approach not to delay withdrawal process. We rewrote some parts of the code relating to reading individual balance rather than VOL1 performance record and began withdrawal process by requesting withdrawals one by one from the brokers.  It must be noted that the system calculates the bankroll as an initial one after each action of withdrawal or deposit and therefore the process is very important for conducting the future trades with according trade sizes. We have manually defined the amounts and began the withdrawal process. 3 of the beta testers were “advised” to withdraw $20,800 combined from their 3 accounts while the other two were “advised” to withdraw $19,585. That way the new bankroll will be exactly one and a half times the initial bankroll ($45,000). Once the requests for withdrawals were placed – we also had a discussion with Wave ZERO beta testers after which we decided that they will slowly withdraw all but $15,000 as we see no reason to pound the brokers with such high amounts during beta testing stages as that equals for us to “trumpeting our abilities from a roof top of the highest building in a city”. We, on our part will begin Wave ONE as soon as the initial wave of withdrawals is complete and money is in the bank. The withdrawal requests began on Monday and concluded on Thursday (yesterday). Please note that some of the beta testers already have reported money in the bank. Once all beta testers will have all the withdrawn money in their accounts – we will begin Wave ONE. That is a matter of couple days more. So, please be patient as we are here. There is no point in rushing anywhere as we are very careful with each step we take to make sure it is a right step in a right direction.

Article Author: June 9th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 2 – Daily Trades Results and Analysis

VOL1 was activated on May 15. Since, there were 14 Trading Days altogether. During those 14 days of trading there were 126 trades conducted: 75 wins, 49 losses and 2 pushes. Please pay a close attention to the following numbers as they are very important to further understand the goals we’re aiming at.

VOL1 Win/Loss ratio is  60.48%.

The starting bankroll of $30,000 has become 51,267.5  gaining 70.89%  profits in 66.66% of trading days is a month (14 days out of an average of 21 trading days every month). The meaning is that doubling the bankroll by producing 100% profits on top of a starting bankroll is not an elusive dream. By the rate of profitability it can be even more than doubling the bankroll. Here’s the punch line: you don’t have to start with $30,000 to make a considerable amount of money over a relatively short period. $1000 bankroll is enough to turn it into 6 figures in as little as 12 months. How? If we double our bankroll every month and withdraw half the profit at the end of the each month,

months starting bankroll at the beginning of the month bankroll at the end of the month withdrawal at the end of the month
1 1000.00 2000.00 500.00
2 1500.00 3000.00 750.00
3 2250.00 4500.00 1125.00
4 3375.00 6750.00 1687.50
5 5062.50 10125.00 2531.25
6 7593.75 15187.50 3796.88
7 11390.63 22781.25 5695.31
8 17085.94 34171.88 8542.97
9 25628.91 51257.81 12814.45
10 38443.36 76886.72 19221.68
11 57665.04 115330.08 28832.52
12 86497.56 172995.12 43248.78

We will have at the end of the 12th month a bankroll of  $129,746 and all this while we already have withdrawn $128.746. That means that in a single year we’ll have a total of $ 257,492 (bankroll+withdrawn funds) which is $257,492 profited on top of $1,000 we started with. On the 18th month we’ll have over a million. We can reach the million also on the 12th month if we start with $5,000 bankroll.

I know that the numbers look fantastic but nevertheless – they’re absolutely real and if we follow VOL1 MMC directives – they will be achieved. Double the Bankroll every month, withdraw half the profits at the end of the month. That is all. The only thing is having and using accounts at all the brokers who are prompt on their withdrawal procedures. All this is being checked and tested now.

Part 3 of the report will consist of a daily breakdowns of 14 trading days so far

Article Author: June 4th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 1 – What is the difference between Wave ZERO, Wave ONE and Wave TWO? What are the timetables? When will Wave ONE start?

It is a time for an update on VOL1 Beta Testing process, Wave ZERO progress, the issues resolved and those awaiting resolution. It is also a right time to present you with some questions about your preferences regarding some features to be included in Wave ONE as well as in Wave TWO Beta Testing stages. We also want to put on the debating table the future of VOL1 as a final product as we value the opinion of each and every member of RainMaker365 community. This report will also include the detailed analysis and the results of each and every day of trading by VOL1 till now.

So, the Part 1 will review the following topic:

What is the difference between Wave ZERO, Wave ONE and Wave TWO?  What are the timetables? When will Wave ONE start?

At first, our estimation for the duration of Wave ZERO was not more than a week. Two at the most. We had 5 Beta testers each of them funding the accounts over 3 brokers. The system – although very profitable – had it’s problems if it was the trade size calculation or the criteria for trading, getting stuck on a certain trade size or not relating to a total bankroll but to the specific broker account etc. We have resolved each and every problem turning each and every stone in the process. We still are fine tuning the system as the final steps before closing Wave ZERO are:

  • Doubling the bankroll and withdrawing half the winnings (we’re half way there having earned little over 15K on top of 30K bankroll for each of the Wave ZERO beta testers over the first 10 trading days)
  • VOL1 making a self adjustment to a new bankroll (following the withdrawal) and subsequently re calculating the new trade sizes

At that stage we will have the following boxes checked:

  1. Enabling multiple users from different IP addresses and time zones to use the system simultaneously
  2. Allowing the system to approach existing accounts over several brokers and access them in order to analyze the size of an overall bankroll per user, calculate the trades sizes and conducting the trades
  3. Conducting the trades while moving from one broker to another
  4. Conducting the trades in parallel to each other when meeting the conditions
  5. Reacting positively to the changes in criteria and conditions for conducting the trades
  6. Reacting positively to activation/deactivation procedures continuing from deactivation point while activated

I understand that for most  – those pointers are meaningless, but creating a financial instrument is a big responsibility and before passing it on to you we have to make sure that all the possible flaws and malfunctions will be dealt at the first Beta Testing stage with  limited number of people who agreed to risk considerable amounts of money to check the system for real in it’s most critical stage of development. So, as I said – once the fine tuning will be completed and the withdrawals processed according to MMC requirements – we will initialize the second, no risk stage of the Beta Testing called Wave ONE which will deal with user interface issues while conducting the trades at full speed.

Wave TWO will be already a “public” version of Beta Testing examining the durability of the system with large number of the users self registering and funding their accounts.

Article Author: May 25th, 2014

First 4 Days of Trading with VOL1

We have already completed 4 days of trading with VOL1 by our Wave ZERO Beta testers. During that period – besides trading and profiting – we came to some important resolutions in various fields we were examining as we have a better understanding what are the features we’d better grant as most users like to have and which features we think better be kept out of reach of the users. It has to do with Money Management Console within VOL1. For an example – contrary of what we thought would be an a part of optimal performance by VOL1 MMC – most users would like to decide themselves when to make a withdrawal and we agree with that although VOL1 will still advice to make a withdrawal of Half the Won amount as soon as the Bankroll will Double itself, and reset itself as soon as the Withdrawal is processed setting a new Bankroll One and Half the size of an initial one as the new “initial” Bankroll, thus increasing the size of the future trades. That  guarantees constant growth of both the bankroll and the trading sizes as well as the constant growth of the amount of the funds we will withdraw. Each new withdrawal will be bigger than the one before. But – according to the comments but mostly according to your emails – most of you prefer to get only a heads up by VOL1 and make the decision by yourselves based on your personal needs and preference. Well, those who still would like to follow VOL1 MMC advise in regard of the withdrawals  – can still do it by simply withdrawing the exact amounts from the brokers VOL1 will advise precisely when it will advise. So, that subject is closed and you will have a choice to either follow strictly MM advises or do it with your own timing, amount of withdrawals and the brokers you would wanna withdraw from. Just take into a consideration that after each withdrawal, VOL1 will recalculate the trading sizes according to availability of the funds at each of the accounts in particular and a bankroll in general. Another issue put for a public debate was a size of an initial trade which we set at 2.5% of the “initial”  (by “initial” bankroll we mean the bankroll at the very beginning of trading with VOL1 or a bankroll after each withdrawal) bankroll. Some of you wanted to also have a control of how big the size of the initial trade should be in relation with a bankroll. But we have decided that at this stage – leaving that decision to a user will seriously jeopardize an optimal performance by VOL1 MMC . Therefore we have decided that the decision about the trade size will remain under VOL1 MMC control.

Before addressing additional issues we have come to resolution about – let us first recap the First 4 Days of Trading with VOL1:

  • 4 days of trading altogether. Little over 30 hours to be more precise.
  • 47 trades conducted.
  • 31 wins, 1 push and 15 losses.
  • Total of 13,302.5 MU (money units – $ & Euros) profit.

And this is a Beta Testing stage with most problems. That means that with 10K bankroll an average of 443.41 MU in profit are produced per every hour of trading. 5 trading days a week, minimum of 12 hours of trading a day – that’s 5,321 MU a day and 26,605 MU a week reaching over 125K profits a month. And this is no myth. And neither an exaggeration by any means since it all happens here in front of our very own eyes. Now, it is pretty clear to us and  anyone with a little common sense and a life experience  that  the wisest things to do on our part to allow VOL1 to profit on a continuous bases over a long period of time would be:

  • Reducing trading hours per day from 12 to 6 or 8 hours.
  • Find, test and approve more brokers so we can distribute the winnings among as many brokers as possible allowing us to fly under the radar for as long as possible.
  • Continue the development of additional financial tools, or the next generation of Money Generating Tools as we call it (we already have up our sleeves Sports Betting Surebet Automated System that will be less noticeable  with online books but not less if not more profitable than VOL1).

We at rainmaker365 will continue our mission to create a financially comfortable world for our community based on life philosophy we all share here.

4 days

Article Author: May 20th, 2014

First 2 days of trading with VOL1 Discussion

We had yesterday the first full day of trading with VOL1 and second overall including last week’s Wednesday limited trades. Besides the system tracking records – I’m keeping the event and record sheets separately so we can all run our analysis and draw the conclusion for better and for worse.

So, as most of you already know  – we have 5 Wave ZERO Beta testers. All 5 funded their accounts with either 10,000 US Dollars or Euros within 3 brokers. After Day 1 of trading which lasted a little more than 6 hours and produced 6 winning trades for 3 of the Beta testers as the other two have experienced some technical problems with Log Ins. In addition we also came to understanding that VOL1 relates to each broker as a separate entity with a single player and doesn’t relate to an overall bankroll of the Beta tester but to specific one with a single broker alternating between the brokers  separately and not with every Beta tester – problem that yet is being worked on although the most is resolved. The alternating between the brokers is resolved but VOL1 still is fixated on 10,000 units of money as described later in this article.

So, we have won 6-0 Day1 profiting 1,215 Money Units (MU) and went 15-13 on Day2 profiting another 2.295 MU. Altogether so far VOL1 has a 21-13 record with 3,510 MU profit.

Although the system is winning – there are still few things to fix:

  • VOL1 still perceives a bankroll as a round 10000$ and conducts initial trades in size of 2.5% of the bankroll. It does not check the existing bankroll after a trade and is fixated on 10000$
  • It chooses 2000$ option too often  – the criteria for 2000$ trades have to be toughened as it is a special trade.
  • Criteria for conducting the trades also has to be toughened as VOL1 conducts too many trades and if it finds it attractive – especially the meddling ones – something in making the choices needs to be rechecked. Not because the choices are not good but because it sometimes results in 4-5 consecutive losses backed by 4-5 consecutive wins taking the sting out of it’s idea on which the Money Management is based.
  • VOL1 conducts the trades with the same brokers for different traders instead of alternating not only brokers but the traders as well.
  • Transition between the trades on a same asset has to be defined in tougher terms in order to increase the ROI
The positive point besides the winning is the high turnover rate which can be valuable for those who accept the bonuses. 46,750$ has been turned over in two days of trading.
Besides solving the issues I raised above – we’re breaking our heads on few questions as we’re trying to make the system as User Friendly as possible. The questions are:
  1. Should we allow the Manual adjustment of trade sizes by the user?
  2. Should we give user a liberty to stop the automated trading by VOL1 so he can conduct Manual Trading on his own or for whatever other reasoning?
  3. Should a user have a choice what withdrawal policy to choose. For an example: if to make a withdrawal of 50% of the profits once the funds were doubled as we suggest and as MMC of VOL1 is best suited for – or  a user can choose to either leave the money in the account longer allowing VOL1 to increase the trade size and – consequently –  a trading volume? Or make a withdrawal of all the profits instead of 50% and always keep the bankroll at the same level?

Those and some more questions will be raised with an advancement in VOL1 Wave ZERO Beta testing and we would like to hear your opinion too.

In conclusion of the first two trading days with VOL1 we can proudly say that the results prove that we have a great product at our hands and with consistent progress – we will create a “monster”!

Please, all the Wave ZERO Beta testers – share with us your opinions and experiences as well as the screenshots of your balances so we can verify the numbers we have.

VOL1 performance

Article Author: May 17th, 2014

Wave ZERO Beta Testing Who’s, What’s and How’s

Wave ZERO  – the first stage of VOL1 Beta testing is well underway. This post will be constantly updated with each and every day of trading. In  addition – the “Fab Five”  – our Beta testers which are strategically located globally –  will report anything of significance and  share  their personal experiences with VOL1 – anything they consider can be helpful to make VOL1 better in every sense – UI or a simple functionality. On our side we will monitor system’s performance under global multiple user conditions and will monitor closely the Money Management console assuring it’s successful integration with all system components, as well as the broker API.

We are privileged to have Wave ZERO Beta testers who from day one are following and supporting our VOL1 project, charting unknown waters for all of us and with us,  and made available considerable amounts of resources funding their accounts. Each of 5 Wave ZERO Beta testers funded every one of 3 accounts with $10,000 ($30,000 per tester) . At this stage – by our advise – no bonuses were asked for as we want to test our Money Management console performance without tying it up with bonus turnover policies thus enabling money withdrawals according to Money Management dictations. Needless to say that we too are following the same pattern of trading with VOL1 maintaining absolute control of each and every step in the progress, and possible setbacks – when and if they occur. All the reports by the testers will be public and via the comments section – so please limit your comments in this section to constructive ones as queries of sort in order not to interfere with proper reporting flow.

So far, VOL1 was activated for little less then 7 hours on Wednesday 14th of May. 6 trades were conducted by us and 3 of the testers, as another 2 experienced log in problems at first and then the problems integrating their accounts with the system. For that reason we deactivated the system till the problem was resolved. The next time we will activate the system will be on Monday with opening of the trading week. The 6 trades that were conducted for and by each of the Beta testers were winners and each trade was 2.5% from a bankroll over a single broker account. $1,215 were gained for and by each of the 3 Beta testers who didn’t experience any problems trading. We are now debating if 2.5% initial trade size has to be applied to the total bankroll (over all 3 brokers) or to a single broker account. Because if it would be applied to a total bankroll – the gains would be 3 times more.  The Beta testers are welcome to post their comments and upload screen shots of their trades and balance sheets as well as all of you are welcome to place your opinions regarding the initial trade sizes as mentioned above as well as any questions. We’re all excited here and understand your excitement as well, but we will ask you to avoid description of your emotions in comments and instead focus on questions and opinions that would benefit this stage as well as the next stages of Beta testing.

Congratulations on a relatively successful launch and Good luck to us all!!!



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