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Article Author: March 9th, 2018

The Real Crypto Bot Introduction

Hey there everyone. This is a very exciting times for me and the crew here as we are ready to present the Real Crypto Bot. What is the meaning of using a word REAL? Am I claiming the other Bots ain’t real? No. By the word REAL I want emphasize that this is not CFD or Forex Bot (which I have not much either – the knowledge or attraction towards). By the word REAL I mean that the Bot is designated for Crypto markets only. One that can be used at Crypto Currencies exchanges.

It is pretty strange that the word Crypto is so new that even Google tags it as wrongly spelled. Well, there is nothing wrong with our Bot thou. I will lay down one by one all the stages of the development so far and will run together with you, right here, in front of you and with your kind participation – the whole Beta testing process. BTW, I already have tested the Bot myself and found out that it is working in a satisfactory manner performance wise and even better the idea wise.

So , what is the Crypto Bot all about? Why was it at all needed and subsequently invented?

The Bot is in order to increase the amount of both – the Currency 1 and the Currency 2 it is traded against. In our first particular case I chose BTC and USDT traded at the platform connected by double API to the Bot.

  1. I exchanged $1000 worth of BTC in order to create LOT1 of trading Spot. No worries. You will soon get used to that terminology as it is invented on the fly. Just follow what I do and I will explain all in detail.
  2. After paying the small commission for exchanging  BTC for USDT I have now 999.49 USDT (US Dollar Tether equal to USD).I will divide that $1000 (let’s round for the sake of saying) into 4 sub bankrolls. 2.5%, 7.5%, 22.5% and 67.5%. The Spot2 (one was open for entering the whole sum in as you can see right now worth of 7,161.22 USD which is combined from 0.53595026 BTC and 999.49972277 USD).
  3. Now let’s take a look at our Bot UI and make some initial explanations:This is the Bot before login and shows it’s development stage. Once it is beta tested and becomes publicly functional – you will be able to connect to it and using it for your own benefit. We haven’t yet determined the percentage of commission to charge for the use of the Bot if at all. It all depends how impressive the performance will be and how fast we will be able to debug it in case we would need to.
  4. Now, the following is the UI interface after we are logged in:Now we will open the new Spot in size of 2.5% of our bankroll which is $1000. That would be $250
  5. As you can see we have many options of trading Crypto Currencies between them or against USDT. In our case we will choose BTC and USDT.
  6. I reduced the dollar amount I want to trade in this particular spot to 250 and the BTC to 0.001 (symbolical non zero for Bot functionality). The Bot is checkig with me if I want to trade 250 dollar amount and I check yes. Also, after that I have to confirm the Bot activation and I am ready.

We got stuck at this point as the bot showed some slow responses and got stuck 7.5 spot.
We re grateful for those bugs showing up now nd letting us to learn real time and in front of you about this creation.

We are resolving the issue and you are welcome to open yourself a disqus account and message us and the community your thoughts so far. You also can login into disqus with one ofyour social network tools as shown at the commenting options.

Article Author: January 28th, 2015

Upgrading the trading platform to GAMMA – the goals and the implementation

The Gamma platform is a trading platform based on searching and finding a winning pattern  by applying a reverse engineering. The platform has a unique way to extract a winning trading patterns from defined time segments circumstantially and finding similar trading patterns by comparing it to the current trading segments with similar circumstances. Once the similarities are found –  the defined criteria is fulfilled and the trading position is taken. The trade size is also defined uniquely by reverse engineering by rather defining the winning sum against the risk taken than predefining the trade size.

We have been toying with that idea for long time until finally applying it 3 moths ago with 100percentprofitbot live trading with Gamma group of traders taking upon the risk managed positions similar to those of the test pilots flying the aircraft for the very first time. The risk paid off handsomely with Gamma traders but also convinced us that the risk is worth taking with wider circles of traders since the major financial institutions have failed to protect the markets from disastrous effects the SNB decisions on Euro and the ECB indecisiveness on the matter have caused.

In simple words – accumulate enough data base from a time defined past trading to be analysed forming winning sequence and apply it to the current trading once the similarities found are enough to link the current trading sequence to that of the past.

Now, that worked fine for 3 months with small number of the traders “secluded” and not affected by the “bad pricing” since the lag time between the trades taken by the first trader in line and the last trader in line was not significant enough to cause the discrepencies result wise. In most cases  – I must say. So, in order to make the “patternization” to work for all the traders within 100percentprofitbot/VOL1 – we had to come up with some kind of a solution where the large number of the traders would not cause the same lag time isuues as it already did in the past before we toughened the trading criteria. Therefore the division into several trading groups not exceeding 315 traders each is being tested as a viable solution.

As of now  – the first two groups just completed trading sequences. The first group trading sequence ended up in winning 6 trades and losing 2.  The second group trading sequence has just ended up with 5 wins and 2 losses. None of the traders participated in both groups except the original Gamma traders who trade all the trades all the time.

According to the guidelines from our last board meeting  – all the trading accounts of all the traders will be integrated into the Gamma trading platform by Monday. Those with Alpha group will still enjoy the privileges of big bankrolls spread over the biggest number of the broker accounts in cases of a very low margin outcome trades, but note that with Gamma – that sort of outcomes are rare. So, basically – everyone will be trading using Gamma trading platform.

Our major goal is to sail through the stormy waters safely and emerge as winners.

I will have more in depth about the Gamma in upcoming Webinar.

Article Author: May 20th, 2014

First 2 days of trading with VOL1 Discussion

We had yesterday the first full day of trading with VOL1 and second overall including last week’s Wednesday limited trades. Besides the system tracking records – I’m keeping the event and record sheets separately so we can all run our analysis and draw the conclusion for better and for worse.

So, as most of you already know  – we have 5 Wave ZERO Beta testers. All 5 funded their accounts with either 10,000 US Dollars or Euros within 3 brokers. After Day 1 of trading which lasted a little more than 6 hours and produced 6 winning trades for 3 of the Beta testers as the other two have experienced some technical problems with Log Ins. In addition we also came to understanding that VOL1 relates to each broker as a separate entity with a single player and doesn’t relate to an overall bankroll of the Beta tester but to specific one with a single broker alternating between the brokers  separately and not with every Beta tester – problem that yet is being worked on although the most is resolved. The alternating between the brokers is resolved but VOL1 still is fixated on 10,000 units of money as described later in this article.

So, we have won 6-0 Day1 profiting 1,215 Money Units (MU) and went 15-13 on Day2 profiting another 2.295 MU. Altogether so far VOL1 has a 21-13 record with 3,510 MU profit.

Although the system is winning – there are still few things to fix:

  • VOL1 still perceives a bankroll as a round 10000$ and conducts initial trades in size of 2.5% of the bankroll. It does not check the existing bankroll after a trade and is fixated on 10000$
  • It chooses 2000$ option too often  – the criteria for 2000$ trades have to be toughened as it is a special trade.
  • Criteria for conducting the trades also has to be toughened as VOL1 conducts too many trades and if it finds it attractive – especially the meddling ones – something in making the choices needs to be rechecked. Not because the choices are not good but because it sometimes results in 4-5 consecutive losses backed by 4-5 consecutive wins taking the sting out of it’s idea on which the Money Management is based.
  • VOL1 conducts the trades with the same brokers for different traders instead of alternating not only brokers but the traders as well.
  • Transition between the trades on a same asset has to be defined in tougher terms in order to increase the ROI
The positive point besides the winning is the high turnover rate which can be valuable for those who accept the bonuses. 46,750$ has been turned over in two days of trading.
Besides solving the issues I raised above – we’re breaking our heads on few questions as we’re trying to make the system as User Friendly as possible. The questions are:
  1. Should we allow the Manual adjustment of trade sizes by the user?
  2. Should we give user a liberty to stop the automated trading by VOL1 so he can conduct Manual Trading on his own or for whatever other reasoning?
  3. Should a user have a choice what withdrawal policy to choose. For an example: if to make a withdrawal of 50% of the profits once the funds were doubled as we suggest and as MMC of VOL1 is best suited for – or  a user can choose to either leave the money in the account longer allowing VOL1 to increase the trade size and – consequently –  a trading volume? Or make a withdrawal of all the profits instead of 50% and always keep the bankroll at the same level?

Those and some more questions will be raised with an advancement in VOL1 Wave ZERO Beta testing and we would like to hear your opinion too.

In conclusion of the first two trading days with VOL1 we can proudly say that the results prove that we have a great product at our hands and with consistent progress – we will create a “monster”!

Please, all the Wave ZERO Beta testers – share with us your opinions and experiences as well as the screenshots of your balances so we can verify the numbers we have.

VOL1 performance

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