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Article Author: February 26th, 2018

How the Bot idea was born…

Unlike most of the people – I had all lined up for me. Good education, loving parents, military service at the world’s top cyber unit. I could do anything I wanted. I could be a millionaire just like that by creating or joining one of the scam ponzy schemes programmed for the weak minded and lazy people dreaming to become millionaires overnight. Many of my colleagues were doing it just for fun (and lots of money), binary options, Forex, casinos online etc etc. But, I had a strong family background with religious upbringing with strong principal beliefs what is right and what is not right. I would never engage in any kind of business based on Zero Sum Games principle. What is that? Well, Zero Sum Games theory is the one saying in simple words that in order for someone to make money – someone else has to lose it. I strongly believed then and strongly believe now that in order to truly make it – one has to invent something that will be based on anything but Zero Sum Games principle. Like some sort of the robot that will create enough income for regular Joe to make him stop worrying about paying bills and finally do what he or she wanted to do and meant to do by the nature. Complicated? Not really. What if you really and without any doubt could engage in such online activity that would drive enough resources to you so you would stop worrying about tomorrow and start living today knowing tomorrow is taken care off as well? Sounds crazy? I know. But, please bear with me just for few more moments – moments that will surely change your life and your perspective on it.
Imagine yourself joining with another one, two or thousand persons like yourself and all of us doing something incredibly smart and at the same time incredibly simple all at the whim of my hand all at once in unison? And that something will immediately – as soon as this evening – start adding to your equity making you richer than yesterday every single day from now and thru the eternity?
I know. Sounds crazy. But, it is all real and it is here and most importantly – no one is losing the money we’re making but it comes from the markets we created ourselves while even the banking institutions won’t feel it.
Is that legal? Barely legal. Yet. And that is where the time factor comes in. This loop hole which you will understand pretty soon – won’t stay there forever. New people who would want to join in the future – may encounter some difficulties and stay out. But, those who would join now – would enjoy the rights of so called “tenants” even when the regulatory bodies will finally find time for us and try to push some regulations in.
But, now – the ground is clear.
So, what is it I am talking about and how soon you can join and what you have to do to become eligible for this great opportunity – to become financially comfortable for the rest of your life – I have created for you?

Article Author: November 25th, 2015

Money Management in Sports Handicapping – Phixer’s way Part 1, Prologue

The Money Management System by Phixer 


There  are  few  types  of  sports  bettors.

The  recreational  ones  –  those  who  bet  for  fun  and  do  not  depend  financially  in  any  way  on  winning  or  losing  bets.  They  have  a  steady  job  and  manage  their  finances  in  a  way  that  they  allocate  the  funds  for  betting  from  the  beginning  or  on  the  fly  not taking  large  bets  they  can’t  afford  to  lose.

There are  professional  sports  bettors  who  treat  their  sports  betting  as  a  science  and  invest  most  of  their  time  in  researching  and  calculating  the  odds.  They usually  are  not  disclosing  their  systems  and  tactics  and  enjoy  the  profits  quietly  trying  to  stay  under  the  radar.

And,  there  are  degenerate  gamblers  who’s   thrill  is to  take  a  bet  and  watch  their  money  being  risked   –  most  of  the  time  irresponsibly  –  and  no  matter  they  win  or  lose,  at  the  end  they  are  always  broke  looking  for  another  source  to  get  the  money  they  can  gamble  away.

If  you’re  honest  enough  with  yourself  –  you  can  easily  find  yourself  belonging  to  one  of  those  categories.  Of  course  –  each  of  the  categories  described  above  have  sub  categories  and  sometimes  they  all  mix  together  in  one  big  mish  mash.  But  basically  –  we  all belong  in  one  of  those  categories.  Many  of  us   –  I  believe  –  at  one  time  or  another   –  have  crossed  the  lines,  but  at  the  end  of  the  day   –  we  are  all  enslaved  to  that  thrill  called  gambling.

But  then,  everything  in  our  lives  is  gambling.  Every  gamble  we  take  has  different  odds  and  spreads  attached  to  it – either  we  cross  the  street  or  we  marry,  taking  a  flight  or  driving  a  car,  ordering  a  pizza  or  a  take  away  sushi,  putting  our  children  in  one  school or  another…. Millions  of  the  decisions  we  take  in  our  everyday  life  without  really  having  an  insurance  they  will end  up  successfully.  The  odds  of  getting  hit  by  a  car while  crossing  the  street  are  extremely  low  while  the  odds  of  us  making  it  to  the  other  side  of  the  street  are  extremely  high,  same  as  the  odds  for  our  pilot  to  land  the  plane  we’re  boarding.  Now,  the  odds  for  the  pizza  to  be  as  good  tasting  as  we  expect  it  to  be  are  somewhat  of  a  spread  between  our  expectations  and  the  what  we  really  feel  after  we  finished  consuming  a  slice  or  a two.  Ordering  a  take  away  sushi  is  similar – but here  we  have  another  factor   figuring  in  the  spread – the  long  term  gamble  of  how  fresh  was  the  raw  fish  we  just  consumed  results  of  which  we  may  experience  in  only  few  days  after  consuming  the  sushi.   Marriage  is  a  super  long  period  bet,  but  still  a  bet.  In  every  sense.  I’d  say  it  is  the  whole  combo  of  bets:  will I  still love  her  in  X  years,  will she  still love  me  in  X  years?  Will she  stay  as  beautiful  and  charming  as  she  is  now and  will she  develop  into  a  life  partner  I  hope  she  will.  Or  the  opposite  if  the  woman  would  be  writing  all this.  Today,  one  of  the  most  common  social  bets  is  the  career  we  choose  to  develop  at  the  certain age  investing  in  it  long  hours  of  studying  and  tremendous  amounts  of  money –  and  it  is  usually   a gamble  with  a  very  high  risk  with  ever  changing  world  and  the   technological  advances.  That  is  the  reason  most  of  the  people  are  working  in  jobs  they  hate ,  live  with  people  they  rather  not  and  finding  a  refuge  in  one  or  two  indulgences   while  sports  betting  is  definitely  one  of  them.

Ok,  usually  we  do  not  get  run  over  by  a  car,  we  land  safely,  we  forget  about  the  pizza  the  minute  we  are  done  eating  it,  we  survive  the  sushi  and  even  getting  used  to  live  with  other  persons  we  were  convinced  we  would  love  forever.  Why?  Because  we  usually  take  well calculated  bets .  The life  has  taught  us  simple  lessons  we  do  not  forget  and  act  by  them.

And  we  also  know  how  much  more  or  less the  things  we  consume  cost.  We  know  that  if  something  costs  500 dollars  and  we  earn  at  our  job  25  dollars  an  hour   –  that  particular  item  we  want  to  purchase  equals  to  20  hours  of  our  work  and  if  the  work day  is  8  hours –  then we  would  have  to  work 2 and  half  days  for  that  item.  That  is  when  a reasonable  person  decided  if  that  item  is  worth  of  him or  her  working  for  2.5  days  or  not.   Now,  if  we  have  the  bills to  pay  each  month  for  2000 dollars,  food  costs  us  another  600  dollars  and  we  also  have  miscellaneous  expenses  of  1000 dollars  a month  – and there are  only  22  working  days  a month  allowing  us  to  earn  4400 dollars  a month – then,  after  paying  the  bills and  having  miscellaneous  expenses  –  we still have  800 dollars  left  and  can  afford  buying  that item  as  long  as  we  do  not  spend  more  than  300  dollars  besides  the  above  expenses.  Now  honestly –  most  of  us  do  not  thing  that  way  and  even  if  we  do – and  figure  that  we  can’t  afford  to  pay  for  that  item – we’re  buying  things  we  can’t  afford  in  few  installments  and  that  is  when  the  installments  begin  to  pile  up  and  then  we  are  working  only  for  paying  our  debts.  That  is  usually  when  we  are  looking  for  additional  sources  of  steady  income.

Turning  our  beloved  habit  of  sports  betting  into  that  particular  source  of  a   steady  monthly  income  seems  easy  at  the  beginning  but  pretty  soon  becomes  another  hole  in  our  pocket.

Why?  For  various  reasons  that  have  to  do  with  our  nature  where  the  sports  betting  becomes  part  of  our  emotional  activity  instead  of  becoming  a  strict  automatic  business  transactions  where  we  buy  high  probability  events  for  the  higher  price  than  those  of  the  low  probability.  But  we  rarely  practice  what  I just  described.  Because  we  do  not  treat  sports  betting  as  a business but  as  an  emotional  practice.

So,  why  can’t  we  turn  sports  betting  into  successful  enterprise  as  the  businessmen  do  with  their  business  ideas?  There is  absolutely  no  reason  it  can’t  be  done.  I’m  a living  proof  of  that.  The  money  management  tactics  and the  strategy  I  apply  are  the  key  element  in  my  financial  success.  That  is  how  I  turned  55  hundred  dollars  into  more  than  16K  in  2  and  a  half  months  since  the  September  10th.  In  front  of  most  of  you.  Together  with many  of  you  who  followed  each  and  every  or a  vast  majority  of  my  picks.

And  what  is  that  thing  I  mentioned  regarding  turning  a  relatively  small  and  absolutely  affordable  amount  of  money  into  hundreds  of  thousands  of  the  dollars  in  less than   a  year?

Part  two  –  the  conclusive  evidence  and  absolutely  easy  to  execute  sports  betting  strategy  governed  by  sound  Money management  –  is  coming  up  soon

Article Author: March 1st, 2015

The Beta Testing Stages Recap before the License Registration Process and Address to Already eligible traders – How to obtain a registered cop(ies)y

13 months ago we began Beta Testing process for VOL1/100PercentProfitBot – an Online Platform enabling multiple users to trade simultaneously taking Trading Positions signaled by a single human trader in an automated and synchronized fashion. The reason for developing such platform arised within the need to eliminate Lag Time factor occurring from the time the signal was sent manually to the users and by the time the users manually entered their trading positions based on that signal. The Lag Time factor often caused a divergence in the results achieved and although the signals were conveyed in fastest way possible to the users through most advanced tools available publicly – more than 20% of the users encountered significantly different results from their trading because of the delta occurring pricing wise when they were ready to “punch in” their trading positions. Although most of the traders following the signals (which were tweeted, posted publicly over few popular websites immediately upon entering the trading position by a signal provider) reported profitable trading results – the challenge to let everyone following the signals to enjoy the profit was there and we took upon the challenge by committing ourselves to create a  platform enabling a “hands off” trading by multiple users following a  signal provided and entered by a single human trader. Of course – that single human trading signal provider was and is  me and the need to create such instrument was dictated by the fact that thousands of the traders all over the world were following my signals over couple of years prior to the decision to develop an online platform to accommodate all.

The complexity of development process required expertise in more than one field. The best experts available were recruited and we’ve been working since relentlessly 24/7 365 days a year to make our dream of enabling a regular Joe to enjoy the advantages of online technologies enabling profitable trading experience the benefits of which were in the past only reachable to few.

First we had to create a module allowing registration process for the BOT (short for Robot or 100PercentProfitBot) which also will provide registration details that can be used to connect the registrant’s accounts over the brokers with the BOT itself. That development process involved a complex procedure of using and connecting the ends through broker API. For that purpose we needed the registration module to automatically connect the user with his broker account and stay connected to the BOT. Therefore we developed a method through which with the identical log in details both for the BOT and the broker accounts would provide an easy access for the signals to reach the trader account and enter the trading position in milliseconds from the time the trading position was taken by a signal provider. Describing the process is complicated enough – now imagine yourselves the development process. Once that was achieved – we had to develop another feature which would enable the trader to use multiple broker accounts while the BOT would alternate between the accounts trying to keep the equilibrium  (later another twist was added in form of the BOT searching for best available prices and prioritizing the brokers by that criteria). We had to address many issues with the trader not being able to create an account with the BOT because of his/her prior engagement with the broker etc. Once the primitive part of the registration module was completed – we had to actually address the feasibility of the operation as whole which yet had to evolve into an automated trading system while at this stage it only was to fulfill automated signal providing capacity.

In parallel to all the described above – we were in a midst of developing a unique money management system which at it’s modular stage we named a Money Management Console which had yet to evolve into a system and be integrated within the BOT as one of the most important component. The complexity of the Money Management Console development laid within a fact that we had to “teach” it to read each trader’s balance over each broker, add the numbers up and define an overall bankroll out of which the system had to define trade sizes according to the code (I’m talking about the time prior to turning the system into an automated trading system) which was to be fed by the parameters of the signal. That means that if the signal entered manually into the system was 2.5% of my bankroll – the BOT had to quickly reassess the bankrolls of each trader and decide for them accordingly the size of their trade.

That was the stage when I came to realize that the BOT is “thinking” much faster than me and is able to take decisions based on my analysis in much greater scale and with multitude of tasks being performed at the same time. Once the the decision to automate the trading system altogether – we began a complex programming process involving basic code which had to be coded with various scenarios and the reaction to them by the BOT. I can keep describing the coding process and this post will transfer into a novel if not more than that. Essentially – the coding process continues as we speak and will keep developing in a dynamic way as required by the development of such complex tool as Financial Instrument that deals with ever evolving markets on hourly basis.

Integration of the Registration and the Money Management modules was next on our task list. The multitasking challenge standing in front of us was monstrous: while integrating the modules – we also began first beta testing stage called Wave ZERO where the first 5 beta testers funded their accounts over 3 brokers at the beginning each account with 10,000 Money Units – 30,000 Money Units per beta tester – and began trading according to the signals provided from me to the BOT at the beginning while “teaching” the BOT to analyse the charts, and at the later stage – the BOT providing an automated signals and trading for the 5 beta testers in their respective broker accounts. The trading was done with alternating the trades between the broker accounts with the clear goal of achieving 3 initial milestones – conducting online trading for 5 beta testers each positioned physically at the different geographical regions connected through various internet providers with various IP addresses – thus working outside of our “laboratory”, doubling the bankroll and processing the withdrawals to test the brokers as well to time frame each process. I can write the book describing obstacles and challenges we had to face and overcome at that stage. But, we did achieve all our goals set for that stage and did it in a relatively tight schedules.

The next challenge was connecting more than 5 beta testers and activating automated trading system with various add on’s allowing us to beta test the feasibility of trading for tens of the traders with various bankroll sizes using more than 3 brokers. Suddenly we had to learn how to work with different broker pools for each trader also having various number of accounts unlike the first beta testers who had all set up  in similar and orderly fashion. This stage we called Wave ONE and 75 more traders have joined the beta testing stage. Wave ZERO stage gave a birth to tens of new challenges and obstacles on our way – in form of Lag Time issue in its new version, connectivity problems and many other issues that had to do with the great diversity of the traders as well as the brokers and the bankrolls. Once we were joined with additional traders – hundreds at the beginning and the thousands later  – we also learned that our BOT has developed an “Artificial Intelligence” prioritizing the traders according to their bankrolls and the number of the broker accounts they have. At this stage Wave TWO  – the final and mandatory stage of Beta Testing has begun and we found ourselves dealing with multiple issues sailing uncharted waters. We applied different measures to resolve various issues and created few groups of the traders to keep the integrity of equality principle and trying to give a fair chance to all the traders regardless of their bankrolls and the number of the broker accounts. Well, that was not easy and only recently we have achieved (at the great expense and effort I must say as it involved developing 6 completely independent, yet identical channels for 6 groups of traders) the goal of reducing the divergence in results between the traders in cases when the low margin between the entry and expiry prices caused some traders to win and the others to lose for the same old Lag Time occurring between the first in line and the last in line traders. It also helped us to trade for all simultaneously and with no waiting time between the groups. I made the story really short and simply have no patience to describe or remind all the various solutions we applied to overcome the trading issues as trading for everyone and integrating all the accounts into Gamma Trading Platform previously reserved for high rolling high risk beta testers most of whom were the original 5 beta testers. The events which rocked the markets globally were a a great factor in taking that decision. We were and are always for the equality of the traders BOT wise and even if the minority of the traders experience losing experience from time to time – for us it is essential to create a system that there will profit for all equally. That is the reason for our efforts to bring all the possible and existing tools to the trading arena and the manual signal intervention capacity on my part is one of them. We tested it only recently and the tool that enables me to enter the trading manually as in the beginning – but with thousands of traders today – is enabling me to enter the trading position for all when the BOT is idle because it does not find one of the predefined patterns to follow or enters the trading position which obviously is going wrong way regardless of the reasons for it.

Beginning this Monday – we will enter totally different path of trading  as I will dedicate more time to trading issues  and our friends here will take upon them the system development and maintenance duties  to free me for trading supervision and intervention when needed along with further coding of the system.

There are much more subjects to cover here – but that will take forever. I just covered the most essential from my own perspective.

To check your eligibility for the free copy of the license to trade lifetime with 100percentprofitbot as an original member of the beta testing team – please email us with your details at



Article Author: February 8th, 2015

Gamma for All – recapping the first week of an official Gamma Platform Trading for All

Although officially the trading for all the eligible traders with Gamma Trading Platform began on last Monday,  February  2nd 2015 – the implementation of the system integrating all the eligible 100PercentProfitBot traders accounts within the Gamma Platform began on 27th of January 2015 following on decision  made by VOL1/100PercentProfitBot team. We were  reacting on the SwissNationalBank triggered events which threw the financial  markets into the turmoil.  The EuropeanCentralBank was supposed to provide the financial rescue vehicle in form of protecting the assets from wild speculative moves on part of the modern day “market  robbers” – but the ECB “froze” and its indecisiveness created even more turmoil. The regular financial instruments became useless in face of carefully orchestrated moves that had to do more with international politics than with the finance. That was the stage when 100PercentProfitBot versatility  – based on 3 different, totally independent from each other and absolutely modular trading systems  –  became handy.  Volatility and Slope Up/Down systems were traumatized by recent financial events and we decided to move all our traders to a carefully crafted, reverse engineering based Pattern Trading system which was previously an exclusive trading platform reserved for high risk experimental trading inhabited by “high roller traders” (original Wave ZERO Beta Testers) with bankrolls of over 30K. They were kind enough to cooperate without any reservation to allow us experiment with massive trading with the platform which till now was being used by only a few in a totally protected environment avoiding the risks of being bad priced because of  low margin trading results. They still reserve their obvious advantage based on large bankroll+max number of the broker accounts, so there was not really any reason for them not to welcome the changes that would benefit all.

We know that without addressing the issue of lag time between the first trader entered to a trading position by the BOT,  and the last one – we would once more have at our hands the issue of divergence in the results achieved. More than 2000 traders engaging the system simultaneously would for sure cause even bigger divergence in the results than before with the smaller number of traders. Therefore  – since we did not want to leave any eligible trader behind as we never do  – we decided to divide the traders into few groups that would trade separately from each other creating less lag time and allowing better results overall for a greater number of the traders. We just had to experiment with various numbers per group to find a close to perfect golden line that would not cause the last on line traders be affected by a bad pricing. That was the purpose for beginning the implementation while trading on 27th of January. We experimented with various numbers of the traders per group and stretched it till the moment where we saw that the bad pricing affects the trading results for more than a few. That experiment was very useful as the results achieved last week prove clearly that the bed pricing had a minimal to none affect on the trading results. The conclusion was that having more than 750 traders per group trading simultaneously is not safe from bad pricing issues. So, we divided the eligible traders number of which at that precise moment stood at 1982 into 3 groups: Group A, Group B and  Group C. 660, 660 and 662 were the numbers which today are of course different as the new traders are joining the list of the eligible ones on daily basis as well as those who encountered some issues trading before for various reasons – are also joining the trading circle.

Anyways – here’s a recap of the trades conducted on Gamma Trading Platform:

Between 27th and 29th of January 2015 unofficial experimental trading for the groups in order to find the right number of the members per group::

Group A  6-2

Group B  5-1

Group C 6-2

Groups A & D 5-1

Groups A & B 2-4

Groups A & C 3-2

Altogether  27-12

At this stage the traders are finally divided into 3 groups with defined traders per each group.

On Monday, 2nd of February 2015 the official trading with Gamma Platform have began and continued through Thursday, 5th of February:

Group A 4-2

Group B 5-1

Group C 4-2

Group A 14-10  (for the 1st time the Algorithm is activated and Wins at 7.5% bankroll trade size)

Most ended up 18-12 group A both sessions while one of the wins being a 7.5% size of a bankroll win. Those who traded with minimum sums of 25$ and 75$ in case of algorithm with 25% juice ended up with 75$ profit ((17X25X0.75)+(1X75X0.75))=318.75$+56.25$=375%, 12X25=300$. Profit=375$-300$=75$. An average juice for those 30 trades with all traders and the brokers used is 22.6%. So the real average profit is for minimum traders – ((17X25X0.774)+(75X0.774)=387$, 387$-300=87$ An average profit size considering not all ended up with the same result for those two sessions was 274.75$. Far from our goal but still a profit considering it was not a regular session with so many trades. Now, those are the numbers from the BOT and I just spread it out here for you to see what is achieved when we put as a goal to profit in any scenario and trading all the way till we do profit which I am sure I never saw anyone or anywhere has been achieved

Group B  4-2 (with 2 Algorithm Wins at 7.5 bankroll trade size)

Group C 3-5 but with a twist -Algorithm trades: 7.5% 3-2, 22.5% 1-1, 67.5% 1-0). Regardless to say the biggest profits being achieved with 3-5 record. The beauty of the Algorithm integrated with Gamma. 3-5 and still – the Minimum sum traders won on this sequence in average 289.75$!!! Average profit from the sequence considering all the traders with various bankroll stands at 1057.75$

Altogether 34-22, Algorithm 7.5% 3-2, 22.5% 1-1, 67.5% 1-0

Summing up all the trades for all the groups besides Group D that is no more in existence since the experiment was conducted: 61 wins, 34 losses.

Results since the implementation of the Gamma Trading Platform from Monday February 2nd 2015 per group:

Group A  – 18-12  An average juice for those 30 trades with all traders and the brokers used is 22.6%. So the average profit for minimum traders stands at – ((17 x 25 x 0.774)+(75 x 0.774)=387$, 387$-300$=87$. An average profit size considering not all ended up with the same result for those two sessions was 274.75$.

Group B – 9-3  An average juice for those 12 trades with all traders and the brokers used is 23%. So the average profit for minimum traders stands at  – ((7 x 25 x 0.77)+(2 x 75 x 0.75)=247.35$, 247.25$-75$=172.25$. An average profit size considering not all ended up with the same result for those two sessions was 541.25$.

Group C  7-7  An average profit for minimum traders on the two sequences (4-2, 3-5 with algorithm trades 5-3) stands at: 317.35$. Average profit from the both sequences considering all the traders with various bankroll stands at 1155$.

Those numbers are not even near the target. They are positive and and in the right direction, but the frequency of the trades has to increase in order to achieve the goals in preset time frame. The positive thing about those numbers besides them being moderately profitable – the system works correctly and is functional. The ultimate number of the traders per group is found and “targeted result trading” has proven itself. But on top of all those – the most positive thing is the implementation of Algorithm with Gamma.

***I want to thank MK for taking over  the forum in the days I fell ill and informative comments some of which were quoted above.

Article Author: May 10th, 2014

So Far So Good Part II

Almost 4 months results CopyWell, just on April 15th we made the first of the series of articles recapping our activities on site and the numbers were favorable more than we expected while teaming up to put (if you haven’t checked click here to read). Now, recapping first 15 weeks of activities altogether and 87 days of trading Binaries (63 net days) – we are convinced more than ever that we’re on our way to change the financial reality for the members of our community. Some of you may know my philosophy about life and some may don’t. I believe and actually can say – I know, that we’d rather live in a society with financially comfortable members than not. I know that more time a person has to develop himself in all aspects is better for all of us if only a few enjoyed the fruits the world has to offer while enslaving the others. All of us rather send our children to the schools where the children from a financially comfortable families study than sending them to the schools where the jungle rules. We all know that we all prefer to live in the neighborhoods where financially comfortable people live rather than live in projects. Now, not that I  have anything against the people who send their children to the jungle rule schools or live in the projects, but I want to elevate them to the higher level and not to enslave them but give them a free choice to make their choices in life based on what they really want to do and not by what are they forced to do. This can be done only by giving a person enough financial security so he can stop worrying about the money and start to really look into himself deeply and finding the one thing he wants to do the most. And if this will be a positive thing – he will gain and all of us will gain from his gaining. And if it will be negative and the self destructive thing – he will lose and we will lose too by losing him. But the natural process of survival of the fittest would be put in its right path and not like today when millions of talents are being wasted because they do not have the time to develop those talents working their butts off in two or three jobs just to pay the bills and feed their families growing up at home new generations of slaves. I can’t change the whole world, but I can try to change the parts of the world I have an access to and those parts of the world for me are you and me my dear Watsons. Plain as that. Me, MK, Phixer and KMT  – we all come from financially comfortable backgrounds and could easily retire today blowing up the money we have each accumulated or inherited during the course of our lives, but than the sense of the Mission and our Vision would be lost and that is a too big thing to lose. Whether you really understand what am I saying or giggling to yourself not believing how much nonsense you are reading – one thing is clear – We are making Money here! And we’re about to make much more money in the nearest future. So near that I can smell it. So, in that course of 14 weeks in Sports we had ups and downs until we began applying MK’s code to all the games and since we are on a tremendous run of 30 wins against 9 losses pick records while the wins include 30% of Underdog plays. We today stand at +$8,551 earnings and that will only grow with the system we are using and will even increase its profitability with the completion of Sure-bet system we’re developing.


In Binaries we are standing at the unbelievable profit rate of +$32, 829.50 Signal records. That is altogether +$41,380.50 in just 15 weeks. If to run the averages – we had 63 trading days out of which we only had 3 losing days and 60 winning days while the losing days were minimalist. And all this implementing the system manually trading 5-6 times less than an automated version will.


We’re at the fine tuning stages for the VOL1 Beta Testing module and will be distributing it among our community members who qualify just in few days. We  will send it to all our subscribers a dedicated email explaining all about the systems and how to operate it. The unique feature of Money Management is the most innovative and special feature that will make sure our human weaknesses will be put aside and all we will have to do is only monitor the system working. We will be also sending our instructions and heads ups through the twitters of (@rainmaker365com (no dot after 365) and through our personal twitter accounts @sportsmavin, @phixerphixer, @livegamestips and @kingmidastouch1). Click here to subscribe beta_test

So far we have verified two Brokers with whom you can register here ( for US and non US altogether), ( for non US traders) and expecting to verify few more during the coming week as we are expecting our fund withdrawal requests to be honored so we will put them in the loop as well. This is a second withdrawal request with each to make sure their effectiveness and responsiveness with large sum withdrawal requests as the withdrawal process functionality is an essential part of VOL1 Money Management feature. Making money is one thing but the ability to fly under the radar and withdraw the funds at precisely set timing  – is another and not less important than making the money in a first place.

Article Author: April 15th, 2014

So far, So good! Recap of the first 3 months on

Recap of the first 3 months bigLooking back at the numbers – I can say with utmost satisfaction that the project is achieving it’s goals on a daily basis as well as the long term goals are just around the corner.

We have easily achieved a goal of creating Steady Monthly Income in each of the months we’re active. We’ve earned $1,306 in sports and a whopping $26,854 in Binary Options Signals.signal records xx





Binary options trading full records

Sport betting picks full records

We hit the Super Bowl big and are at the final stages of presenting a Beta Version of VOL1 – the revolutionary Automated Trading System Software that has a Unique Money management feature allowing a Hands Off trading resulting in profitable trading days after days. In manual version – which is naturally much less efficient because of lag time and human factor of slow reaction and possible human errors – we had only 2 days of negative numbers, very low negative numbers and in both cases due to human errors – 2 negative days out of 86 (!!!!!!!!!!). Now we can imagine ourselves what will happen with an automated one which is error less and 5-6 times more efficient. So, if we managed to produce $26,854 manually – imagine yourselves what we will produce automatically!!!!

Last night – 14th of April we have won both trades for a total of $500 and won a single Sports Pick for $315 So, last nigh we brought home $815.

If you are already part of our close community and want to start making additional income click here

Here you can check how we have started and do it yourself step by step

Click here for an example of one of the many winning trades we had lately and the comments of our close community

Article Author: April 6th, 2014

What can influence the market when the trading resumes on Monday

Leading stock exchanges trading in New  York closed with sharp declines. Decline in NASDAQ – the sharpest since June 2012; Dow Jones fell by 1%, Google, Facebook and Yahoo plunged more than 4%.

192 thousand new jobs were added to the American economy, although the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 6.7%. According to figures published two days ago by the U.S. Labor Department. All that happened or was partly influenced by the fact that the results were lower than most analysts’ forecasts expecting an  addition of 200 thousand new jobs. Read full article

Article Author: April 1st, 2014

What is Binary Options Trading and How to use it to Start Earning – Attention Sports Bettors

I will describe it in very simple words. I feel that I have to because even Wikipedia explanation is so vague that a regular person would think it is a rocket science. Well, it is not a rocket science. Actually it is the simplest form of betting (Yes – it is betting and don’t let anyone mess up with your head telling you Binary Options are just another form of an investment) . The essence of Trading Binary Options is actually the whole beauty that attracts us to put  Like Asian Handicap, like ATS or Totals – Binary Options too have only two possible outcomes to bet on: Read full article

Article Author: January 31st, 2014

Everything You Wanted To Know About the Lines, But Were Afraid to Ask

I see in lots of places people write and discuss the Lines,  Line Movements,  Reverse Lines Movements, Majority of the Bets, Big Money, Sharps, Wise Guys, Asian Triads etc. And what I read is sometimes close to the truth but not understood how it should be, or is a total nonsense. Yes. As plain as that.

So, I really like to make an order and make clear few things, so when I, or my colleagues here talk about those subjects – I want you to remember what you read in here. I will try my best to explain all those terms and their application in orderly fashion.

Where and How the Lines and the Odds originate?

Imagine yourself a group of people who are a very experienced Handicappers sitting together in the office connected to all kinds of sources and getting all the necessary info in order to create a perfect line – line that is the closest to how the game in their perspective will end. Line that will divide the backers as evenly as possible. And that goes for the Spread as well as the Totals. Those professionals take into their consideration not only the stats. They a;so take into their consideration the injuries, players’, refs’ and coaches’ personal conditions if it has to do with their family or social life, how late they were partying the night before or if the flights were delayed etc etc. They also have an open ear for any kind of confirmed rumors about any shady activities on part of the players or the parties associated with the players, coaches, referees etc. They also continue to get updates after the release of the lines and notify their clients – the books – about those updates as they happen in real time. That body that incorporates all those professionals and releases the lines we see later is called Las Vegas Sports Consultants or LVSC ( ). So, once the line is released to the books – now it’s their turn to adjust it to their personal interests based on what they expect the public reaction will be. Read full article

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