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Article Author: August 20th, 2015

New Trading Strategy Will Be Implemented Within VOL2 In Coming Weeks

HFTLots of different options were weighed in recent weeks by a VOL team. Lots of decisions  – some hard – had to be made in order to improve our ROI. The benchmark has been raised and we had to adjust ourselves accordingly not to lose the value. It is not a secret that in recent weeks our ROI has experienced some lows never seen before and although overall we maintained stability – that was never enough and is not enough now. I had to coupe with the reality and the reality is that regardless of how many adjustment I make and despite all the additions of the code – we still underachieved and that was not acceptable by me or any other team member.

So, hard choices were to be made. Is our trading strategy the best we can offer? Time doesn’t stand still and new technologies are producing new products. Stagnation was no option and we have voted to replace our current trading criteria altogether. Yes. VOL1 No More. It is outdated and outplayed as we see the emergence of the new predator called HFT already for years in stock markets and we know all about the applications it has if it is by scalping the bidders or reacting on  currency crosses price changes earlier than the market, or applying non stop activity on the same assets thriving for 60+% win rates in Forex and Binaries.

We decided that we wait no more and begin implementing the HFT engine ASAP. No. We are not the pioneers of that trading strategy as our strategy of the past was based on Algo Trading which is predicting the future, now we move on to HFT which is predicting the present and we have all the access to the most updated HFT engine on the market. One that produced and is producing to the people who implemented it in Binaries unheard before ROI.

No. I am not giving up on my philosophies or on VOL1 strategies but willing to try new one that has been absolutely fantastic result wise.

Why? And how we get that technology with such ease?

Well, it is a fair exchange between the developers of that technology and us who possess the most important innovation rights necessary for HFT to be successful in general and successful in the Binaries in particular. That innovation  is called a Multi Chanel Trading and it deals with the biggest nemesis the HFT can have – the latency issues.

So, we do nothing adventurous by adding HFT to our arsenal and in return the other side also made a great deal by getting from us the Multi Channel Trading technology as well as our Money Management technology inclusive of the Registration Module, and we get in return a fully dedicated to the Binaries High Frequency Trading Engine.

Those are the news I was talking about and we hope that addition to be implemented within weeks as those we cooperate with have all the experience and a proven record with the system and that can only work in our advantage. Till then – we will continue to trade with VOL1.

Article Author: May 31st, 2015

VOL1/100PercentProfitBot Automated Trading System has reached it’s puberty age – Report

Dear friends, dear RainMaker365 community members, brothers and sisters, today I address you with an announcement of a remarkable significance for all who has been involved in our project in particular and those who are about to be involved directly or indirectly using our product in the near future.

After running rigorous testing and as the result of applying thousands of  adjustments to our financial instrument – we can say with full confidence that VOL1/100PercentProfitBot has reached the stage of absolute and ultimate equilibrium both performance wise and reliability wise. When I say equilibrium, I mean absolute balance in execution of trading positions by criteria defined by the developers integrated with highest level of protection of user assets without harming the trading flow.

How were the criteria created and what they were based on? They were based on classic studies of application of the analytic tools of price theory, monetary theory and econometrics dating back to 1940’s  integrated with modern day applications of chart analysis against the fundamental and technical analysis.

In simple words – we took the knowledge bank in economics and applied it to the modern day trading with absolute hands off approach making it reachable for regular Joe enabling him to enjoy the fruits of online technology in a way that he wouldn’t need 6 figure investment to earn 4 figures annually as offered by traditional liquidity providers but turn his 4 figure investment into 6 figures in less than a year.

Those who followed  closely over RainMaker365 the Beta Testing process of our product – know very well how demanding and relentless was the effort applied to reach the major milestone I am talking about. We had to mark V’s on the following:

Establishing multiple user accounts from different geographical regions but with similar funds amount wise using different currencies held over multiple broker accounts connecting through multiple broker API’s to the principal broker account who’s manually entered trading positions were signaled automatically to all the accounts connected which took in unison the similar trading positions. That was done with 5 Beta Testers we called the Original 5. Once that operation cycle was successfully applied – we began achieving the goal of doubling the entered bankrolls in order to substantiate the directives of predefined Money Management Systems embedded within the system then called VOL1. The very instant that milestone was reached and the bankrolls of all 5 Beta Testers not only have been doubled through manually signaling a fragment of the automated signals retrieved from the early version of the BOT as we began calling our system then, but also withdrawing half the profits from related broker accounts to the bank accounts of the Beta Testers – we began to implement the next stage of Beta Testing by transferring the signaling responsibilities to the BOT . In other words – the signals became automated and fully dependent on BOT analysis of the markets, trends and especially the trading chart behavior. All the most primitive stages of the BOT development that were described above were accompanied with endless bugs and malfunctions that had to be taken care of on the fly. And they were. That was the end of the initial Beta Testing process which began on the first week of February 2014.

The next stage of Beta Testing began with 75  more users/traders/Beta Testers rounding the number of the originals to 80. Those all had already various broker accounts connected with varying bankrolls consisting of funds unequally distributed between the multiple broker accounts all of course from diverse geographical regions and out of our control and out of our laboratory conditions but all submerging to the same automated signaling created by the BOT. At this stage we began to deal with multiple issues on hourly basis if it was simple malfunctions, out of criteria trading or lag time occurring from the time the signal was provided and by the time it was entered as a trading position by the last on line traders/users/Beta Testers. Inequities between the trades/users/Beta Testers were created because of unequal funds and unequal number of the brokers forcing those with lower funds and least number of the brokers to the end of the line. All this was created due to BOT having mind of its own and thriving to achieve the goal of earning as much as soon as possible. And I am only describing the major issues we had to deal with -again – on the fly.

But each obstacle forced us into thinking out of the box and that thinking brought us to the solution that we can take the credit as the pioneers by creating multiple channels for multiple groups thus reducing the lag time to a minimum that was not a real factor anymore while low margin trades were conducted by the BOT.

I will not tire you with the description of other issues we had to tackle with such as trading for everyone and profiting for everyone that may seem trivial but were not as easy to achieve because of various reasons that had to do with unequal funds and lower than required funds. Today I can say with a high degree of certainty that we have overcome that obstacle too and recent weeks have shown to us all that everyone is trading and profiting. Although statistically talking – we only had around 4% of the traders/user/Beta Testers suffering from that inequity – the satisfaction of resolving that issue which was not homogeneous but consisted of multiple issues some connected with each other and others not   -was a major lift to our system as one that trades equally for every one who complied with the VOL1/100PercentProfitBot trader/user/Beta Tester requirements.

I am sure I omitted more than I described as to how we tackled live in front of all of the RainMaker365/Vol1/100PercentProfitBot community all the problems and issues. But the bottom line is that we have reached the stage where we can say to ourselves that our mission of creating a revolutionary financial instrument with unique registration, trade analysis, trade execution, trading strategy and money management modules – as I said – all unique  – has come to the stage where we move to steady bankroll growth for everyone under protective umbrella which will allow us and already is to pass the stormy waters such as those last weeks on the markets – without even getting wet as we did earn tremendous amounts of money combined while avoiding high risk trades and pounding the high probability ones without a single flaw on behalf of the BOT.

This is a May 2015 Report with all the numbers present.

(equally divided diverse result mixed trades have been omitted as they have cancelled each other, unequally divided diverse mixed trades have been calculated against each other on a single trader sample. Trades resulted in ties have been omitted altogether)

Altogether the BOT has conducted 149 trades. 90 trades of 2.5%, 42 trades of 7.5% and 17 trades of 22.5% of the bankroll.

2.5% trades  – 50 wins against 40 losses

7.5% trades – 26 wins against 16 losses

22.5% trades – 10 wins against 7 losses (one 22.5% trade was conducted by the BOT although BOT wise previous 7.5% was a win. That happened because the BOT is evaluating the trade result by last expiry price versus next expiry price .

94,6% of the traders have enjoyed 78.5% profit on top of their bankroll.

2.6% of the traders have enjoyed between 78.4% and 37.8% profit on top of their bankroll.

2.8% of the traders enjoyed 37.7% or lower profit on top of their bankroll.

Altogether 6,357,622 Money Units were profited during the month by all participating traders. That is a tremendous number by all merits.

Article Author: March 1st, 2015

The Beta Testing Stages Recap before the License Registration Process and Address to Already eligible traders – How to obtain a registered cop(ies)y

13 months ago we began Beta Testing process for VOL1/100PercentProfitBot – an Online Platform enabling multiple users to trade simultaneously taking Trading Positions signaled by a single human trader in an automated and synchronized fashion. The reason for developing such platform arised within the need to eliminate Lag Time factor occurring from the time the signal was sent manually to the users and by the time the users manually entered their trading positions based on that signal. The Lag Time factor often caused a divergence in the results achieved and although the signals were conveyed in fastest way possible to the users through most advanced tools available publicly – more than 20% of the users encountered significantly different results from their trading because of the delta occurring pricing wise when they were ready to “punch in” their trading positions. Although most of the traders following the signals (which were tweeted, posted publicly over few popular websites immediately upon entering the trading position by a signal provider) reported profitable trading results – the challenge to let everyone following the signals to enjoy the profit was there and we took upon the challenge by committing ourselves to create a  platform enabling a “hands off” trading by multiple users following a  signal provided and entered by a single human trader. Of course – that single human trading signal provider was and is  me and the need to create such instrument was dictated by the fact that thousands of the traders all over the world were following my signals over couple of years prior to the decision to develop an online platform to accommodate all.

The complexity of development process required expertise in more than one field. The best experts available were recruited and we’ve been working since relentlessly 24/7 365 days a year to make our dream of enabling a regular Joe to enjoy the advantages of online technologies enabling profitable trading experience the benefits of which were in the past only reachable to few.

First we had to create a module allowing registration process for the BOT (short for Robot or 100PercentProfitBot) which also will provide registration details that can be used to connect the registrant’s accounts over the brokers with the BOT itself. That development process involved a complex procedure of using and connecting the ends through broker API. For that purpose we needed the registration module to automatically connect the user with his broker account and stay connected to the BOT. Therefore we developed a method through which with the identical log in details both for the BOT and the broker accounts would provide an easy access for the signals to reach the trader account and enter the trading position in milliseconds from the time the trading position was taken by a signal provider. Describing the process is complicated enough – now imagine yourselves the development process. Once that was achieved – we had to develop another feature which would enable the trader to use multiple broker accounts while the BOT would alternate between the accounts trying to keep the equilibrium  (later another twist was added in form of the BOT searching for best available prices and prioritizing the brokers by that criteria). We had to address many issues with the trader not being able to create an account with the BOT because of his/her prior engagement with the broker etc. Once the primitive part of the registration module was completed – we had to actually address the feasibility of the operation as whole which yet had to evolve into an automated trading system while at this stage it only was to fulfill automated signal providing capacity.

In parallel to all the described above – we were in a midst of developing a unique money management system which at it’s modular stage we named a Money Management Console which had yet to evolve into a system and be integrated within the BOT as one of the most important component. The complexity of the Money Management Console development laid within a fact that we had to “teach” it to read each trader’s balance over each broker, add the numbers up and define an overall bankroll out of which the system had to define trade sizes according to the code (I’m talking about the time prior to turning the system into an automated trading system) which was to be fed by the parameters of the signal. That means that if the signal entered manually into the system was 2.5% of my bankroll – the BOT had to quickly reassess the bankrolls of each trader and decide for them accordingly the size of their trade.

That was the stage when I came to realize that the BOT is “thinking” much faster than me and is able to take decisions based on my analysis in much greater scale and with multitude of tasks being performed at the same time. Once the the decision to automate the trading system altogether – we began a complex programming process involving basic code which had to be coded with various scenarios and the reaction to them by the BOT. I can keep describing the coding process and this post will transfer into a novel if not more than that. Essentially – the coding process continues as we speak and will keep developing in a dynamic way as required by the development of such complex tool as Financial Instrument that deals with ever evolving markets on hourly basis.

Integration of the Registration and the Money Management modules was next on our task list. The multitasking challenge standing in front of us was monstrous: while integrating the modules – we also began first beta testing stage called Wave ZERO where the first 5 beta testers funded their accounts over 3 brokers at the beginning each account with 10,000 Money Units – 30,000 Money Units per beta tester – and began trading according to the signals provided from me to the BOT at the beginning while “teaching” the BOT to analyse the charts, and at the later stage – the BOT providing an automated signals and trading for the 5 beta testers in their respective broker accounts. The trading was done with alternating the trades between the broker accounts with the clear goal of achieving 3 initial milestones – conducting online trading for 5 beta testers each positioned physically at the different geographical regions connected through various internet providers with various IP addresses – thus working outside of our “laboratory”, doubling the bankroll and processing the withdrawals to test the brokers as well to time frame each process. I can write the book describing obstacles and challenges we had to face and overcome at that stage. But, we did achieve all our goals set for that stage and did it in a relatively tight schedules.

The next challenge was connecting more than 5 beta testers and activating automated trading system with various add on’s allowing us to beta test the feasibility of trading for tens of the traders with various bankroll sizes using more than 3 brokers. Suddenly we had to learn how to work with different broker pools for each trader also having various number of accounts unlike the first beta testers who had all set up  in similar and orderly fashion. This stage we called Wave ONE and 75 more traders have joined the beta testing stage. Wave ZERO stage gave a birth to tens of new challenges and obstacles on our way – in form of Lag Time issue in its new version, connectivity problems and many other issues that had to do with the great diversity of the traders as well as the brokers and the bankrolls. Once we were joined with additional traders – hundreds at the beginning and the thousands later  – we also learned that our BOT has developed an “Artificial Intelligence” prioritizing the traders according to their bankrolls and the number of the broker accounts they have. At this stage Wave TWO  – the final and mandatory stage of Beta Testing has begun and we found ourselves dealing with multiple issues sailing uncharted waters. We applied different measures to resolve various issues and created few groups of the traders to keep the integrity of equality principle and trying to give a fair chance to all the traders regardless of their bankrolls and the number of the broker accounts. Well, that was not easy and only recently we have achieved (at the great expense and effort I must say as it involved developing 6 completely independent, yet identical channels for 6 groups of traders) the goal of reducing the divergence in results between the traders in cases when the low margin between the entry and expiry prices caused some traders to win and the others to lose for the same old Lag Time occurring between the first in line and the last in line traders. It also helped us to trade for all simultaneously and with no waiting time between the groups. I made the story really short and simply have no patience to describe or remind all the various solutions we applied to overcome the trading issues as trading for everyone and integrating all the accounts into Gamma Trading Platform previously reserved for high rolling high risk beta testers most of whom were the original 5 beta testers. The events which rocked the markets globally were a a great factor in taking that decision. We were and are always for the equality of the traders BOT wise and even if the minority of the traders experience losing experience from time to time – for us it is essential to create a system that there will profit for all equally. That is the reason for our efforts to bring all the possible and existing tools to the trading arena and the manual signal intervention capacity on my part is one of them. We tested it only recently and the tool that enables me to enter the trading manually as in the beginning – but with thousands of traders today – is enabling me to enter the trading position for all when the BOT is idle because it does not find one of the predefined patterns to follow or enters the trading position which obviously is going wrong way regardless of the reasons for it.

Beginning this Monday – we will enter totally different path of trading  as I will dedicate more time to trading issues  and our friends here will take upon them the system development and maintenance duties  to free me for trading supervision and intervention when needed along with further coding of the system.

There are much more subjects to cover here – but that will take forever. I just covered the most essential from my own perspective.

To check your eligibility for the free copy of the license to trade lifetime with 100percentprofitbot as an original member of the beta testing team – please email us with your details at



Article Author: February 8th, 2015

Gamma for All – recapping the first week of an official Gamma Platform Trading for All

Although officially the trading for all the eligible traders with Gamma Trading Platform began on last Monday,  February  2nd 2015 – the implementation of the system integrating all the eligible 100PercentProfitBot traders accounts within the Gamma Platform began on 27th of January 2015 following on decision  made by VOL1/100PercentProfitBot team. We were  reacting on the SwissNationalBank triggered events which threw the financial  markets into the turmoil.  The EuropeanCentralBank was supposed to provide the financial rescue vehicle in form of protecting the assets from wild speculative moves on part of the modern day “market  robbers” – but the ECB “froze” and its indecisiveness created even more turmoil. The regular financial instruments became useless in face of carefully orchestrated moves that had to do more with international politics than with the finance. That was the stage when 100PercentProfitBot versatility  – based on 3 different, totally independent from each other and absolutely modular trading systems  –  became handy.  Volatility and Slope Up/Down systems were traumatized by recent financial events and we decided to move all our traders to a carefully crafted, reverse engineering based Pattern Trading system which was previously an exclusive trading platform reserved for high risk experimental trading inhabited by “high roller traders” (original Wave ZERO Beta Testers) with bankrolls of over 30K. They were kind enough to cooperate without any reservation to allow us experiment with massive trading with the platform which till now was being used by only a few in a totally protected environment avoiding the risks of being bad priced because of  low margin trading results. They still reserve their obvious advantage based on large bankroll+max number of the broker accounts, so there was not really any reason for them not to welcome the changes that would benefit all.

We know that without addressing the issue of lag time between the first trader entered to a trading position by the BOT,  and the last one – we would once more have at our hands the issue of divergence in the results achieved. More than 2000 traders engaging the system simultaneously would for sure cause even bigger divergence in the results than before with the smaller number of traders. Therefore  – since we did not want to leave any eligible trader behind as we never do  – we decided to divide the traders into few groups that would trade separately from each other creating less lag time and allowing better results overall for a greater number of the traders. We just had to experiment with various numbers per group to find a close to perfect golden line that would not cause the last on line traders be affected by a bad pricing. That was the purpose for beginning the implementation while trading on 27th of January. We experimented with various numbers of the traders per group and stretched it till the moment where we saw that the bad pricing affects the trading results for more than a few. That experiment was very useful as the results achieved last week prove clearly that the bed pricing had a minimal to none affect on the trading results. The conclusion was that having more than 750 traders per group trading simultaneously is not safe from bad pricing issues. So, we divided the eligible traders number of which at that precise moment stood at 1982 into 3 groups: Group A, Group B and  Group C. 660, 660 and 662 were the numbers which today are of course different as the new traders are joining the list of the eligible ones on daily basis as well as those who encountered some issues trading before for various reasons – are also joining the trading circle.

Anyways – here’s a recap of the trades conducted on Gamma Trading Platform:

Between 27th and 29th of January 2015 unofficial experimental trading for the groups in order to find the right number of the members per group::

Group A  6-2

Group B  5-1

Group C 6-2

Groups A & D 5-1

Groups A & B 2-4

Groups A & C 3-2

Altogether  27-12

At this stage the traders are finally divided into 3 groups with defined traders per each group.

On Monday, 2nd of February 2015 the official trading with Gamma Platform have began and continued through Thursday, 5th of February:

Group A 4-2

Group B 5-1

Group C 4-2

Group A 14-10  (for the 1st time the Algorithm is activated and Wins at 7.5% bankroll trade size)

Most ended up 18-12 group A both sessions while one of the wins being a 7.5% size of a bankroll win. Those who traded with minimum sums of 25$ and 75$ in case of algorithm with 25% juice ended up with 75$ profit ((17X25X0.75)+(1X75X0.75))=318.75$+56.25$=375%, 12X25=300$. Profit=375$-300$=75$. An average juice for those 30 trades with all traders and the brokers used is 22.6%. So the real average profit is for minimum traders – ((17X25X0.774)+(75X0.774)=387$, 387$-300=87$ An average profit size considering not all ended up with the same result for those two sessions was 274.75$. Far from our goal but still a profit considering it was not a regular session with so many trades. Now, those are the numbers from the BOT and I just spread it out here for you to see what is achieved when we put as a goal to profit in any scenario and trading all the way till we do profit which I am sure I never saw anyone or anywhere has been achieved

Group B  4-2 (with 2 Algorithm Wins at 7.5 bankroll trade size)

Group C 3-5 but with a twist -Algorithm trades: 7.5% 3-2, 22.5% 1-1, 67.5% 1-0). Regardless to say the biggest profits being achieved with 3-5 record. The beauty of the Algorithm integrated with Gamma. 3-5 and still – the Minimum sum traders won on this sequence in average 289.75$!!! Average profit from the sequence considering all the traders with various bankroll stands at 1057.75$

Altogether 34-22, Algorithm 7.5% 3-2, 22.5% 1-1, 67.5% 1-0

Summing up all the trades for all the groups besides Group D that is no more in existence since the experiment was conducted: 61 wins, 34 losses.

Results since the implementation of the Gamma Trading Platform from Monday February 2nd 2015 per group:

Group A  – 18-12  An average juice for those 30 trades with all traders and the brokers used is 22.6%. So the average profit for minimum traders stands at – ((17 x 25 x 0.774)+(75 x 0.774)=387$, 387$-300$=87$. An average profit size considering not all ended up with the same result for those two sessions was 274.75$.

Group B – 9-3  An average juice for those 12 trades with all traders and the brokers used is 23%. So the average profit for minimum traders stands at  – ((7 x 25 x 0.77)+(2 x 75 x 0.75)=247.35$, 247.25$-75$=172.25$. An average profit size considering not all ended up with the same result for those two sessions was 541.25$.

Group C  7-7  An average profit for minimum traders on the two sequences (4-2, 3-5 with algorithm trades 5-3) stands at: 317.35$. Average profit from the both sequences considering all the traders with various bankroll stands at 1155$.

Those numbers are not even near the target. They are positive and and in the right direction, but the frequency of the trades has to increase in order to achieve the goals in preset time frame. The positive thing about those numbers besides them being moderately profitable – the system works correctly and is functional. The ultimate number of the traders per group is found and “targeted result trading” has proven itself. But on top of all those – the most positive thing is the implementation of Algorithm with Gamma.

***I want to thank MK for taking over  the forum in the days I fell ill and informative comments some of which were quoted above.

Article Author: December 10th, 2014

Winners Never Quit (and the quitters never win)

In recent days – I’ve been asked by immediate family and friends: why you need all this? You have more than you can ever spend, you can do perfectly fine by yourself and avoid the daily stress you’re subjecting yourself to. And for what? For whom?

Well, my answer is always the same: Passion. Vision. Comradership.

I don’t want to be just another person who came to this world to pay his bills, buy some toys and observe from the side the modern world inequities and lack of poetic justice. I have a vision. I have a faith. I have a reason to be here. Reason I created for myself.  I like it that way. I do not believe in raping the nature the way we are accustommed to. And forcing the individuals into a modern day slaveryt by creating a never ending consuming temptation without supplying the consuming means – is raping the nature. I do not believe we were born to serve anyone or anything. I believe that mother nature who engineered us to be what we are physically and mentally had a grand plan envisioning each and every individual’s part in it. And that part was not taking upon two or three hated jobs to only being able to pay the bills. I believe in total freedom to do what we like to do. It is embedded in each and every one of us. We are all coming to this world as equal members. The nature has a part for each and every one and all we have to do to find that role. For that we need to have a worry/stress free time to find that something we enjoy to do most. And once we find it  – that something that we will do even if that was for free – we will do it so good that one day we will get paid in big. That is a true nature. And our financial structures are raping that on a daily basis killing thousands of talents and deppressing the free spirit of a human being.

Well, I am sure I am not the only person who notices that. I am sure many of you share that observation. But I also have a vision and believe that I am well equipped to deliver the financial instruments to achive at least small fraction of that financial freedom – the slogan so many like to use without delivering it . And yes – I have to pay that personal price to achive my goals which is creating a mass product that can not only force to spread the wealth in a better way equality wise and thus heal the modern day economy – but apply the pressure at the right points of financial distribution, force the liquidity providers into a corner where they will have no choice but to take a notice of a regular Joe who is able to apply a new order initializing the capitalist tools for his advantage.

I heard countless times the phrase – give man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach man to fish and feed him for a life. Well, yes. No one will get hurt if more and more people will be able to control their lives without being constantly worried if they will make the ends meet every month.

Comradership is what we have demonstrated here at the RainMaker365 day by day. I am proud of all of you who have bought into the idea and the best example was the last weekend when I received countless emails with kind words full of support and the stern belief in our way. Thanks for that.

Now, to the tremendous proggress we have made in recent days  – and all thanks to that Friday morning which forced me and the team to super focus on securing the algorithm from repeating the sequence of the trades that paralysed many including us. This is a true Beta Testing and after we have overcome countless setbacks and struggled our way without looking back – I can tell you with an absolute conviction – we found the formula for a success. That formula is responsible for a fact that despite craziest market behavioral pattern I remember in recent years (and I do not need analysts to tell me that a or deny it – I can detect unpredictability hidden under fake conviction) – the BOT did not have more than two losses in a row. It means that algorithm – if was applied those days – would have created us tremendous profits.

The following sequences happened in recent days: loss of 25 MU trade, loss of 25 MU trade, win of 25 MU trade (+20), win of 25 MU trade. That  – for an example – would be translated into an algorithm language as followin:  loss of 25 MU trade, loss of 75 MU trade, win of 225 MU trade (+200). Each sequence that does not end up with 4 consecutive losses is a winner sequence for us with algorithm trading. So, the test we conducted and are still conducting it – began with the most strict criteria for entering the trade which we are losening slowly to reach the point of perfect balance. In matters of days we will be light years ahead of where we were before Friday. And all thanks to our own personal and literal black Friday. This the most defining moment for us as the creators of the BOT and you – the Beta testers. This is the moment where we go from testing to assured profits.

I know. We are learning all the time. But we did not quit before and did not quit now. And we always turned the corner and did so this time too. because the Winners never Quit!!!

Article Author: June 27th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 3 – Daily Trades Analysis, Withdrawals and the Conclusions

There is a tremendous amounts of emails we’re getting inquiring about the withdrawal process and expressing concern that we may have started Wave ONE without notifying all who’s on the list. Well, Wave ONE did not begin yet as we are in a middle of withdrawal process of half the profits we accumulated during 20 days of trading. During that period we managed to more than to double our bankroll and did it in motion while fine tuning the system. I like to think of myself as a relatively modest person, but in this case – I must say how proud I am of what we have achieved here. Technically, Mathematically, Financially, but most importantly – Money Management wise. So, let us first go over the numbers. We have divided the whole record sheet into 4 parts each including 5 days of trading. We will analyse each and every part and see what have we achieved at the beginning, how tough did it get later and how smooth was the final run. We began with $30,000 per beta tester scattered over 3 brokers ($10,000 within each broker, some beta testers currency of choice were Euros). 5 Beta Testers  and me. Our goal was doubling the bankroll we began with and after that withdrawing half the winnings thus creating a new bankroll 1.5 times the previous bankroll and as a result increasing the size of initial trade gradually with each doubling/withdrawing the half the gains. First 5 Days of Trading:  51 trades altogether conducted. 33 wins and 17 losses and 1 push. We profited in the process $13,997.5 (Euros in case of two European Beta testers who chose to open their accounts in Euros over some brokers). Two of the beta testers were not able to log in into their accounts due to technical problems which were resolved immediately after conducting a first day of trading. So, those two will carry that load of not profiting $ 1,215 each. Otherwise the table is similar to all besides me as I conducted most of my trades with OR while the beta testers used MO, BO and BLO alternating between each broker. One more problem we encountered at the beginning was VOL1 relating to a bankroll as $10,000 instead of $30,000 thus making initial trades with $250 instead of $750 as it should have (2.5% of 30,000). That problem lasted more than 10 days of trading before resolution. There were also problems with VOL1 getting “stuck” with certain sizes of trades. Later we understood that VOL1 was “smarter” than we assumed and has understood the concept of “mixed” trades we were teaching it through presenting it with a big variety of algorithmic choices. First5Days                   Second 5 Days of trading was the period with most problems being resolved in  motion as the results speak for themselves:  43 trades conducted, 23 wins and 20 losses producing $1.322.5 of profits. Second5Days                 Third 5 Days of trading were considerably better than the 5 days before producing $7,147.5 profits on 33 trades going 21-12. After going the first day 8-8, the last 4 days produced 13-4 result. The reasons for improvement vary but mostly can be accounted to a   toughened criteria for taking a trading position as it was redefined for a system. Third5Days               Fourth 5 Days of Trading were the most productive days concluded by a close to perfect run. The results of all the fine tuning were mostly seen in last two days but overall outcome was amazing:  35-23 (18-2 in last two days) and plus $13,332.5. Fourth5Days                   That all produced overall record of 112-72 with +$35,800 for me and 3 beta testers while the other two have enjoyed 106-72 with + $34,585. Last2DaysandTotal           Interesting thing about all this to see what alternating the trades between the 3 brokers have produced:  $8,077.5 were won over MO, $28,180 (!!!) were won over BO while over BLO $457.5 were lost (according to system record and verified by each beta tester – except for two who were locked out the first day and subsequently won $7,672.5 over MO, won $27,775 over BO and lost $862.5 over BLO). Withdrawals At that part we have realized that we have a slight problem we have to take care of: when we were engineering our Money Management Console and writing a code for Withdrawal dictate by VOL1, we did not take into a consideration situation when the profits will exceed double the amount of initial bankroll all at once. The last 11 trades were conducted with the same expiry time bu VOL1 as the system identified favorable meddling opportunities and when the trades were concluded – we were $5,800 over the doubling an initial bankroll in 3 cases of Beta testers and my case,  and $4,585 over the doubling the initial bankroll with 2 beta testers who were locked out of trading on the first day. But we all got the same notification from VOL1 to withdraw half the profited sum of $35,800 – $17,900. That happened because the system calculated half the profits from it’s own performance and not by scanning the bankroll of each trader connected individually. So, first we had to “teach” VOL1 to relate to each trader’s bankroll individually while dictating withdrawal, and second – VOL1 had to calculate the withdrawal sizes from each broker in a way that the balances would be closest to equal with all 3. At that point we decided that there is no point to wait for rewriting the code for a second problem and went ahead with minimalist approach not to delay withdrawal process. We rewrote some parts of the code relating to reading individual balance rather than VOL1 performance record and began withdrawal process by requesting withdrawals one by one from the brokers.  It must be noted that the system calculates the bankroll as an initial one after each action of withdrawal or deposit and therefore the process is very important for conducting the future trades with according trade sizes. We have manually defined the amounts and began the withdrawal process. 3 of the beta testers were “advised” to withdraw $20,800 combined from their 3 accounts while the other two were “advised” to withdraw $19,585. That way the new bankroll will be exactly one and a half times the initial bankroll ($45,000). Once the requests for withdrawals were placed – we also had a discussion with Wave ZERO beta testers after which we decided that they will slowly withdraw all but $15,000 as we see no reason to pound the brokers with such high amounts during beta testing stages as that equals for us to “trumpeting our abilities from a roof top of the highest building in a city”. We, on our part will begin Wave ONE as soon as the initial wave of withdrawals is complete and money is in the bank. The withdrawal requests began on Monday and concluded on Thursday (yesterday). Please note that some of the beta testers already have reported money in the bank. Once all beta testers will have all the withdrawn money in their accounts – we will begin Wave ONE. That is a matter of couple days more. So, please be patient as we are here. There is no point in rushing anywhere as we are very careful with each step we take to make sure it is a right step in a right direction.

Article Author: May 10th, 2014

So Far So Good Part II

Almost 4 months results CopyWell, just on April 15th we made the first of the series of articles recapping our activities on site and the numbers were favorable more than we expected while teaming up to put (if you haven’t checked click here to read). Now, recapping first 15 weeks of activities altogether and 87 days of trading Binaries (63 net days) – we are convinced more than ever that we’re on our way to change the financial reality for the members of our community. Some of you may know my philosophy about life and some may don’t. I believe and actually can say – I know, that we’d rather live in a society with financially comfortable members than not. I know that more time a person has to develop himself in all aspects is better for all of us if only a few enjoyed the fruits the world has to offer while enslaving the others. All of us rather send our children to the schools where the children from a financially comfortable families study than sending them to the schools where the jungle rules. We all know that we all prefer to live in the neighborhoods where financially comfortable people live rather than live in projects. Now, not that I  have anything against the people who send their children to the jungle rule schools or live in the projects, but I want to elevate them to the higher level and not to enslave them but give them a free choice to make their choices in life based on what they really want to do and not by what are they forced to do. This can be done only by giving a person enough financial security so he can stop worrying about the money and start to really look into himself deeply and finding the one thing he wants to do the most. And if this will be a positive thing – he will gain and all of us will gain from his gaining. And if it will be negative and the self destructive thing – he will lose and we will lose too by losing him. But the natural process of survival of the fittest would be put in its right path and not like today when millions of talents are being wasted because they do not have the time to develop those talents working their butts off in two or three jobs just to pay the bills and feed their families growing up at home new generations of slaves. I can’t change the whole world, but I can try to change the parts of the world I have an access to and those parts of the world for me are you and me my dear Watsons. Plain as that. Me, MK, Phixer and KMT  – we all come from financially comfortable backgrounds and could easily retire today blowing up the money we have each accumulated or inherited during the course of our lives, but than the sense of the Mission and our Vision would be lost and that is a too big thing to lose. Whether you really understand what am I saying or giggling to yourself not believing how much nonsense you are reading – one thing is clear – We are making Money here! And we’re about to make much more money in the nearest future. So near that I can smell it. So, in that course of 14 weeks in Sports we had ups and downs until we began applying MK’s code to all the games and since we are on a tremendous run of 30 wins against 9 losses pick records while the wins include 30% of Underdog plays. We today stand at +$8,551 earnings and that will only grow with the system we are using and will even increase its profitability with the completion of Sure-bet system we’re developing.


In Binaries we are standing at the unbelievable profit rate of +$32, 829.50 Signal records. That is altogether +$41,380.50 in just 15 weeks. If to run the averages – we had 63 trading days out of which we only had 3 losing days and 60 winning days while the losing days were minimalist. And all this implementing the system manually trading 5-6 times less than an automated version will.


We’re at the fine tuning stages for the VOL1 Beta Testing module and will be distributing it among our community members who qualify just in few days. We  will send it to all our subscribers a dedicated email explaining all about the systems and how to operate it. The unique feature of Money Management is the most innovative and special feature that will make sure our human weaknesses will be put aside and all we will have to do is only monitor the system working. We will be also sending our instructions and heads ups through the twitters of (@rainmaker365com (no dot after 365) and through our personal twitter accounts @sportsmavin, @phixerphixer, @livegamestips and @kingmidastouch1). Click here to subscribe beta_test

So far we have verified two Brokers with whom you can register here ( for US and non US altogether), ( for non US traders) and expecting to verify few more during the coming week as we are expecting our fund withdrawal requests to be honored so we will put them in the loop as well. This is a second withdrawal request with each to make sure their effectiveness and responsiveness with large sum withdrawal requests as the withdrawal process functionality is an essential part of VOL1 Money Management feature. Making money is one thing but the ability to fly under the radar and withdraw the funds at precisely set timing  – is another and not less important than making the money in a first place.

Article Author: April 17th, 2014

What is Binary Options Trading and How to use it to Start Earning – Attention Sports Bettors – Part III

If you are reading this, you should know already a bit about us, Rainmaker365. Today we will show one of the most important topics if not the most important one  that describes the following:Important-Rubber-Stamp

  • Opening accounts
  • Brokers that are tested by us
  • Recommended deposit sizes
  • The meaning of the bonuses and their role in our system

In order to match our trades dollar to dollar – you would have to have a bankroll of 10,000 dollars. That allows you a  minimal trade 250$ which is 2.5% of the initial bankroll . You can either deposit that sum altogether or deposit with the brokers (Click here for US and non US altogether) (Click here for non US traders) we have agreement to grant the traders from the full 100% bonus. Of course the most important thing is to receive the signals as fast as possible allowing you enough time to take the trading position. In order to do that most effectively you would have to be following us on Twitter (@sportsmavin, @phixerphixer, @livegamestips (MK) , @kingmidastouch1 and @rainmaker365com).  We will try to give out the “heads up” tweet before we start or resume trading signals and if possible also the details for upcoming trades as what asset etc. You should be able to absolutely master the trading platform in order to use it as effectively as possible but note that before the VOL1 automated trading system will be operational for beta testing – you, like us – will be missing on some trades as we too are not able at times to follow precisely the trading signals produced by the system which with automation of it will be conducted in absolutely hands free manner.


We are excited about that prospect not any less than you are and awaiting the completion of the first series of beta testing modules ready to be delivered to you. Now let us explain about the bonuses: the sum of bonus has to be Welcome-Bonusturned over as many times as the number of the percent of the bonus. That means that if we deposit for an example – 1000$ and receive on top of it another 1000$ as a bonus – we would have to turn over the bonus sum 100 times as the number of the percent (100). Now let us say we profited 1000$ and have a bankroll of 3000$ now (1000$ deposit+1000$ bonus+1000 profit) and our total volume of the trades stands at 50,000$. That means that the sum that we can withdraw at that precise moment is 1000$ (initial deposit) + 500$ (half of the profited sum with the initial deposit) + 250$ (part of the bonus that was turned (50,000/2/100). Now you can project from there how much more we have to turn the money over to be able to withdraw the bonus as well (1000$+1000$ has to produce 200,000$ turnover to be fully available for a withdrawal). Now don’t let that scare you as the initial deposit plus the relative profit plus the relative bonus sum to the turnover is always available for the withdrawal but here I want to explain why our VOL1 system is great in that regard as well as it produces many trades and turnover, earns and enables us to withdraw our money, profits and the bonus in relatively shorter time than it would have been doing that manually. I am sure you will have lots of question about the bonuses so I will be glad to explain to anyone asking through emails or disqus here.

Article Author: April 15th, 2014

So far, So good! Recap of the first 3 months on

Recap of the first 3 months bigLooking back at the numbers – I can say with utmost satisfaction that the project is achieving it’s goals on a daily basis as well as the long term goals are just around the corner.

We have easily achieved a goal of creating Steady Monthly Income in each of the months we’re active. We’ve earned $1,306 in sports and a whopping $26,854 in Binary Options Signals.signal records xx





Binary options trading full records

Sport betting picks full records

We hit the Super Bowl big and are at the final stages of presenting a Beta Version of VOL1 – the revolutionary Automated Trading System Software that has a Unique Money management feature allowing a Hands Off trading resulting in profitable trading days after days. In manual version – which is naturally much less efficient because of lag time and human factor of slow reaction and possible human errors – we had only 2 days of negative numbers, very low negative numbers and in both cases due to human errors – 2 negative days out of 86 (!!!!!!!!!!). Now we can imagine ourselves what will happen with an automated one which is error less and 5-6 times more efficient. So, if we managed to produce $26,854 manually – imagine yourselves what we will produce automatically!!!!

Last night – 14th of April we have won both trades for a total of $500 and won a single Sports Pick for $315 So, last nigh we brought home $815.

If you are already part of our close community and want to start making additional income click here

Here you can check how we have started and do it yourself step by step

Click here for an example of one of the many winning trades we had lately and the comments of our close community

Article Author: April 2nd, 2014

What is Binary Options Trading and How to use it to Start Earning – Attention Sports Bettors – Part II

Ok, so as promised here are the precise instructions as to how manage your funds and constantly grow your bankroll while withdrawing your funds like drawing a salary month after month after month after month… All this off course before the Automated VOL1 will be introduced and then the only part of this article that will be useful for you will be in regard of when and how much to withdraw so you can still grow your bankroll in order to keep trading effectively. Let’s say for an example that you have deposited 5000$ (I’m going to ignore the Bonus increasing cashfactor as I want to emphasize on growing your bankroll through trading) – I’d advice for your minimal trades to be 2.5% of your bankroll. Like 125$ trades (that is when we enter 250$ trade).  If you also have a 100% bonus then your trades should be like ours – 250$ minimal trade. All this off course after you have a full control of Binary Options Trading Platform and can find your way fast and easy between the assets, setting the trading sum and choosing the right Expiry Time. So, let’s sum this part real quick: The minimal trade should be 2.5% of your bankroll. Our minimal trade is 250$, so when you see that sum of trading on our part – you should understand that we mean the Minimal trade.

Ok. In little more than a month – we have profited over 20K beginning with 10K bankroll. So it will not be too imaginative or boasting to say that we can at the least double our bankroll monthly (remember – we made 20K on top of 10k and actually tripled the bankroll). As long as we maintain the profitability month after month – we should only withdraw half of our earnings and leave the other half so we can constantly increase the amount of the bankroll and most importantly produce a positive snow ball effect through increasing gradually the sizes of our trades. That – given the fact that we are profitable – will alone lead to financial growth and turn our trading into a sound business from ATM

In the next episode we will give you precise instructions as how to proceed with opening the accounts, with whom, what are the recommended deposit sizes and what is the meaning of the bonuses and their role in our system. We see our operation as a team work with certain hierarchies – but at the end of the day we all are “band of brothers” committed to success in all what we do. I am sure you might have questions at this stage and would like to get some answers, I invite you to comment on this article with any question you might have . You can also write us on our Facebook or Google+ page.

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