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Article Author: June 23rd, 2014

World Cup 2014 In Soccer Group Stage Final Day Overview

Monday,June 23rd 2014

I’m enjoying this World Cup like none before. And I did attend few. The number of goals (94 in 32 games) and overall atmosphere is really like it should be in a country where everyone breathes soccer. I’m at Rio now and after attending 3 games played at Salvador  where I saw 17 goals I hope to have the same rate of “success” in Rio as well. The only thing that bothers is a fact that in a final group stage round – there will be games played in pairs, so instead of seeing another 16 single games – we will only see 8 pairs with two games in each group played simultaneously to avoid a situation when the teams –  that otherwise would be play a later game in the group –  would know what result they need to qualify based on the outcome of another game.

So, the first day presents us with 4 games – Holland vs Chile – which is a head to head battle for the first place in a Group B between the teams that already have qualified. Hard game to handicap as the South American teams have a tremendous advantage on those from Europe for several reasons: the Chileans did not play as intense season as the Dutch, the Chileans will be enjoying almost a home advantage being used to climate and getting  great support from their fanatic fans who overran the press room prior to the game against Spain. I have an opinion about the game where the Dutch need a draw to qualify from a first place avoiding meeting head to head with Brazil which most probably will qualify as a leader from Group A. The best pick seems Holland +0.5 which goes for -210 and is suitable to be used as a part of a parlay. The second game of the group between Spain and Australia is totally meaningless to both and although the logic says Spain – I would be careful with Australia being highly motivated not to be overran by angry Spaniards. I’d advise to stay away from that game Win wise or Asian Handicap wise and focus on number of the goals. But here too – the juice is high on Over 2.5 Goals (-175) , so the pick can be considered as part of a parlay only.

The later games of the evening will be a Group A games. Brazil vs Cameroon presents the locals with an opportunity to redeem themselves after a goalless draw against the Mexicans. Therefore – Brazil -1.5 for -215 can also be considered for a part of a parlay. Brazil can easily win by 3 to cover an original Asian Handicap line of -2.25, but then the whole world knows that they can – but will they? Winning by two goals seems safer than that although I that still is far from being an ideal pick. In a second game at the Group A  Croatia needs a win against Mexico to qualify. Any outcome of this game will be received as expected and I do not see a value in any of the regular picks here, but the First Card of the Game Before 34:00 for -120 seems a fair offer by the books.

To be continued…


Article Author: June 4th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 1 – What is the difference between Wave ZERO, Wave ONE and Wave TWO? What are the timetables? When will Wave ONE start?

It is a time for an update on VOL1 Beta Testing process, Wave ZERO progress, the issues resolved and those awaiting resolution. It is also a right time to present you with some questions about your preferences regarding some features to be included in Wave ONE as well as in Wave TWO Beta Testing stages. We also want to put on the debating table the future of VOL1 as a final product as we value the opinion of each and every member of RainMaker365 community. This report will also include the detailed analysis and the results of each and every day of trading by VOL1 till now.

So, the Part 1 will review the following topic:

What is the difference between Wave ZERO, Wave ONE and Wave TWO?  What are the timetables? When will Wave ONE start?

At first, our estimation for the duration of Wave ZERO was not more than a week. Two at the most. We had 5 Beta testers each of them funding the accounts over 3 brokers. The system – although very profitable – had it’s problems if it was the trade size calculation or the criteria for trading, getting stuck on a certain trade size or not relating to a total bankroll but to the specific broker account etc. We have resolved each and every problem turning each and every stone in the process. We still are fine tuning the system as the final steps before closing Wave ZERO are:

  • Doubling the bankroll and withdrawing half the winnings (we’re half way there having earned little over 15K on top of 30K bankroll for each of the Wave ZERO beta testers over the first 10 trading days)
  • VOL1 making a self adjustment to a new bankroll (following the withdrawal) and subsequently re calculating the new trade sizes

At that stage we will have the following boxes checked:

  1. Enabling multiple users from different IP addresses and time zones to use the system simultaneously
  2. Allowing the system to approach existing accounts over several brokers and access them in order to analyze the size of an overall bankroll per user, calculate the trades sizes and conducting the trades
  3. Conducting the trades while moving from one broker to another
  4. Conducting the trades in parallel to each other when meeting the conditions
  5. Reacting positively to the changes in criteria and conditions for conducting the trades
  6. Reacting positively to activation/deactivation procedures continuing from deactivation point while activated

I understand that for most  – those pointers are meaningless, but creating a financial instrument is a big responsibility and before passing it on to you we have to make sure that all the possible flaws and malfunctions will be dealt at the first Beta Testing stage with  limited number of people who agreed to risk considerable amounts of money to check the system for real in it’s most critical stage of development. So, as I said – once the fine tuning will be completed and the withdrawals processed according to MMC requirements – we will initialize the second, no risk stage of the Beta Testing called Wave ONE which will deal with user interface issues while conducting the trades at full speed.

Wave TWO will be already a “public” version of Beta Testing examining the durability of the system with large number of the users self registering and funding their accounts.

Article Author: May 10th, 2014

So Far So Good Part II

Almost 4 months results CopyWell, just on April 15th we made the first of the series of articles recapping our activities on site and the numbers were favorable more than we expected while teaming up to put (if you haven’t checked click here to read). Now, recapping first 15 weeks of activities altogether and 87 days of trading Binaries (63 net days) – we are convinced more than ever that we’re on our way to change the financial reality for the members of our community. Some of you may know my philosophy about life and some may don’t. I believe and actually can say – I know, that we’d rather live in a society with financially comfortable members than not. I know that more time a person has to develop himself in all aspects is better for all of us if only a few enjoyed the fruits the world has to offer while enslaving the others. All of us rather send our children to the schools where the children from a financially comfortable families study than sending them to the schools where the jungle rules. We all know that we all prefer to live in the neighborhoods where financially comfortable people live rather than live in projects. Now, not that I  have anything against the people who send their children to the jungle rule schools or live in the projects, but I want to elevate them to the higher level and not to enslave them but give them a free choice to make their choices in life based on what they really want to do and not by what are they forced to do. This can be done only by giving a person enough financial security so he can stop worrying about the money and start to really look into himself deeply and finding the one thing he wants to do the most. And if this will be a positive thing – he will gain and all of us will gain from his gaining. And if it will be negative and the self destructive thing – he will lose and we will lose too by losing him. But the natural process of survival of the fittest would be put in its right path and not like today when millions of talents are being wasted because they do not have the time to develop those talents working their butts off in two or three jobs just to pay the bills and feed their families growing up at home new generations of slaves. I can’t change the whole world, but I can try to change the parts of the world I have an access to and those parts of the world for me are you and me my dear Watsons. Plain as that. Me, MK, Phixer and KMT  – we all come from financially comfortable backgrounds and could easily retire today blowing up the money we have each accumulated or inherited during the course of our lives, but than the sense of the Mission and our Vision would be lost and that is a too big thing to lose. Whether you really understand what am I saying or giggling to yourself not believing how much nonsense you are reading – one thing is clear – We are making Money here! And we’re about to make much more money in the nearest future. So near that I can smell it. So, in that course of 14 weeks in Sports we had ups and downs until we began applying MK’s code to all the games and since we are on a tremendous run of 30 wins against 9 losses pick records while the wins include 30% of Underdog plays. We today stand at +$8,551 earnings and that will only grow with the system we are using and will even increase its profitability with the completion of Sure-bet system we’re developing.


In Binaries we are standing at the unbelievable profit rate of +$32, 829.50 Signal records. That is altogether +$41,380.50 in just 15 weeks. If to run the averages – we had 63 trading days out of which we only had 3 losing days and 60 winning days while the losing days were minimalist. And all this implementing the system manually trading 5-6 times less than an automated version will.


We’re at the fine tuning stages for the VOL1 Beta Testing module and will be distributing it among our community members who qualify just in few days. We  will send it to all our subscribers a dedicated email explaining all about the systems and how to operate it. The unique feature of Money Management is the most innovative and special feature that will make sure our human weaknesses will be put aside and all we will have to do is only monitor the system working. We will be also sending our instructions and heads ups through the twitters of (@rainmaker365com (no dot after 365) and through our personal twitter accounts @sportsmavin, @phixerphixer, @livegamestips and @kingmidastouch1). Click here to subscribe beta_test

So far we have verified two Brokers with whom you can register here ( for US and non US altogether), ( for non US traders) and expecting to verify few more during the coming week as we are expecting our fund withdrawal requests to be honored so we will put them in the loop as well. This is a second withdrawal request with each to make sure their effectiveness and responsiveness with large sum withdrawal requests as the withdrawal process functionality is an essential part of VOL1 Money Management feature. Making money is one thing but the ability to fly under the radar and withdraw the funds at precisely set timing  – is another and not less important than making the money in a first place.

Article Author: April 17th, 2014

What is Binary Options Trading and How to use it to Start Earning – Attention Sports Bettors – Part III

If you are reading this, you should know already a bit about us, Rainmaker365. Today we will show one of the most important topics if not the most important one  that describes the following:Important-Rubber-Stamp

  • Opening accounts
  • Brokers that are tested by us
  • Recommended deposit sizes
  • The meaning of the bonuses and their role in our system

In order to match our trades dollar to dollar – you would have to have a bankroll of 10,000 dollars. That allows you a  minimal trade 250$ which is 2.5% of the initial bankroll . You can either deposit that sum altogether or deposit with the brokers (Click here for US and non US altogether) (Click here for non US traders) we have agreement to grant the traders from the full 100% bonus. Of course the most important thing is to receive the signals as fast as possible allowing you enough time to take the trading position. In order to do that most effectively you would have to be following us on Twitter (@sportsmavin, @phixerphixer, @livegamestips (MK) , @kingmidastouch1 and @rainmaker365com).  We will try to give out the “heads up” tweet before we start or resume trading signals and if possible also the details for upcoming trades as what asset etc. You should be able to absolutely master the trading platform in order to use it as effectively as possible but note that before the VOL1 automated trading system will be operational for beta testing – you, like us – will be missing on some trades as we too are not able at times to follow precisely the trading signals produced by the system which with automation of it will be conducted in absolutely hands free manner.


We are excited about that prospect not any less than you are and awaiting the completion of the first series of beta testing modules ready to be delivered to you. Now let us explain about the bonuses: the sum of bonus has to be Welcome-Bonusturned over as many times as the number of the percent of the bonus. That means that if we deposit for an example – 1000$ and receive on top of it another 1000$ as a bonus – we would have to turn over the bonus sum 100 times as the number of the percent (100). Now let us say we profited 1000$ and have a bankroll of 3000$ now (1000$ deposit+1000$ bonus+1000 profit) and our total volume of the trades stands at 50,000$. That means that the sum that we can withdraw at that precise moment is 1000$ (initial deposit) + 500$ (half of the profited sum with the initial deposit) + 250$ (part of the bonus that was turned (50,000/2/100). Now you can project from there how much more we have to turn the money over to be able to withdraw the bonus as well (1000$+1000$ has to produce 200,000$ turnover to be fully available for a withdrawal). Now don’t let that scare you as the initial deposit plus the relative profit plus the relative bonus sum to the turnover is always available for the withdrawal but here I want to explain why our VOL1 system is great in that regard as well as it produces many trades and turnover, earns and enables us to withdraw our money, profits and the bonus in relatively shorter time than it would have been doing that manually. I am sure you will have lots of question about the bonuses so I will be glad to explain to anyone asking through emails or disqus here.

Article Author: April 15th, 2014

So far, So good! Recap of the first 3 months on

Recap of the first 3 months bigLooking back at the numbers – I can say with utmost satisfaction that the project is achieving it’s goals on a daily basis as well as the long term goals are just around the corner.

We have easily achieved a goal of creating Steady Monthly Income in each of the months we’re active. We’ve earned $1,306 in sports and a whopping $26,854 in Binary Options Signals.signal records xx





Binary options trading full records

Sport betting picks full records

We hit the Super Bowl big and are at the final stages of presenting a Beta Version of VOL1 – the revolutionary Automated Trading System Software that has a Unique Money management feature allowing a Hands Off trading resulting in profitable trading days after days. In manual version – which is naturally much less efficient because of lag time and human factor of slow reaction and possible human errors – we had only 2 days of negative numbers, very low negative numbers and in both cases due to human errors – 2 negative days out of 86 (!!!!!!!!!!). Now we can imagine ourselves what will happen with an automated one which is error less and 5-6 times more efficient. So, if we managed to produce $26,854 manually – imagine yourselves what we will produce automatically!!!!

Last night – 14th of April we have won both trades for a total of $500 and won a single Sports Pick for $315 So, last nigh we brought home $815.

If you are already part of our close community and want to start making additional income click here

Here you can check how we have started and do it yourself step by step

Click here for an example of one of the many winning trades we had lately and the comments of our close community

Article Author: April 2nd, 2014

What is Binary Options Trading and How to use it to Start Earning – Attention Sports Bettors – Part II

Ok, so as promised here are the precise instructions as to how manage your funds and constantly grow your bankroll while withdrawing your funds like drawing a salary month after month after month after month… All this off course before the Automated VOL1 will be introduced and then the only part of this article that will be useful for you will be in regard of when and how much to withdraw so you can still grow your bankroll in order to keep trading effectively. Let’s say for an example that you have deposited 5000$ (I’m going to ignore the Bonus increasing cashfactor as I want to emphasize on growing your bankroll through trading) – I’d advice for your minimal trades to be 2.5% of your bankroll. Like 125$ trades (that is when we enter 250$ trade).  If you also have a 100% bonus then your trades should be like ours – 250$ minimal trade. All this off course after you have a full control of Binary Options Trading Platform and can find your way fast and easy between the assets, setting the trading sum and choosing the right Expiry Time. So, let’s sum this part real quick: The minimal trade should be 2.5% of your bankroll. Our minimal trade is 250$, so when you see that sum of trading on our part – you should understand that we mean the Minimal trade.

Ok. In little more than a month – we have profited over 20K beginning with 10K bankroll. So it will not be too imaginative or boasting to say that we can at the least double our bankroll monthly (remember – we made 20K on top of 10k and actually tripled the bankroll). As long as we maintain the profitability month after month – we should only withdraw half of our earnings and leave the other half so we can constantly increase the amount of the bankroll and most importantly produce a positive snow ball effect through increasing gradually the sizes of our trades. That – given the fact that we are profitable – will alone lead to financial growth and turn our trading into a sound business from ATM

In the next episode we will give you precise instructions as how to proceed with opening the accounts, with whom, what are the recommended deposit sizes and what is the meaning of the bonuses and their role in our system. We see our operation as a team work with certain hierarchies – but at the end of the day we all are “band of brothers” committed to success in all what we do. I am sure you might have questions at this stage and would like to get some answers, I invite you to comment on this article with any question you might have . You can also write us on our Facebook or Google+ page.

Article Author: April 1st, 2014

What is Binary Options Trading and How to use it to Start Earning – Attention Sports Bettors

I will describe it in very simple words. I feel that I have to because even Wikipedia explanation is so vague that a regular person would think it is a rocket science. Well, it is not a rocket science. Actually it is the simplest form of betting (Yes – it is betting and don’t let anyone mess up with your head telling you Binary Options are just another form of an investment) . The essence of Trading Binary Options is actually the whole beauty that attracts us to put  Like Asian Handicap, like ATS or Totals – Binary Options too have only two possible outcomes to bet on: Read full article

Article Author: March 21st, 2014

Guide to a Profitable Binary Options Trading

Which Binary Options Brokers We Use and Why?Stock Trader Looking At Multiple Monitors

Our choice of the brokers is based on following factors:

  • Safety of the funds – meaning that the brokers are third party insured, or regulated thus ensuring that the funds we have in our accounts are sound and safe.
  • No hassle deposit and withdrawal procedures which have been tested personally with at least 5 withdrawals in different sums up to a 25,000$ in one shot.
  • Fast and easy trading platform.
  • Courteous and responsive customer support, but, most importantly – personal relationships developed by us allowing us easy and ready access to principal position holders withing brokers in order to bring to a fast and satisfactory solution to any possible issues raised by us or the traders referred by us.
  • Easily accessible learning and training facilities online for new comers.

We use two groups of brokers: those regulated under CySec and accepting only Non US based traders and those that are third party insured and sub companies of regulated ones that do accept US based traders. So far we have established relationships based on written above with MarketOptions (Accepts US based traders) and OptionRally (Non US Traders).

Following the trades based on the system we have developed at Rainmaker365 is absolutely FREE and in order to do so effectively –  you have to take the following steps:

  1. Register with and subscribe to our email service in order to receive by mail all the trading signals as well as the news feed.
  2. Subscribe to RSS feed from
  3. Sign up with Twitter (@rainmaker365com, @phixerphixer, @sportsmavin) and follow
Article Author: March 21st, 2014

The most effective way to profit on Binary Options Trading

success (2)Trading Binary Options is not risk free. Although it can be very profitable if conducted in a serious and disciplined way – it can also prove disastrous if one submits to emotional trading rather than cold and calculative one. Same as in Sports  betting, same as in Casino etc. The only difference between trading Binary Options and the other two (Casino and Sports Betting) is that the number of variables that can work against us in Binaries, are considerably lower than in casino or sports – thus, allowing us to reduce the risk factor to a minimum if we – of course – know our “stuff”. And our “stuff” is not that hard to know as the info is available everywhere for us to pick on. But again – the most important part of trading traditionally on the market floors, online through various service providers, or through Forex platform providers, Binary Options platform providers – is ONE: Money management combined with Risk Management.

Some tips: Read full article

Article Author: March 21st, 2014

Great News for US Binary Options Traders

us flagFinally, after long search, checking and rechecking, we came up with the broker who is suitable for our standards and delivers in all aspects that we as traders need – fast operating platform, easy withdrawals, great tutorials and – very important – we are well connected inside and have their ears, so if needed – we can always be helpful. Here is the link is the link for registering and once you do – let us know so we can list you up for services including a twitter and email subscription. The name is UKoptions and the link is as I already mentioned

. You will get 100% on top of your deposit.

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