Originally a Brit from Cyprus who has major business interests in Newark NJ USA -was a controversial figure in the beginning of his Sports Handicapping career as he was advocating certain views about the professional sports and their governing bodies... More


Also known as mkbini - is a NYC based legendary figure in sports betting world with unblemished reputation as a man of integrity and a a profitable handicapping professional. For many MK is considered a Guru of sports handicapping with his unique ... More


Based in Paris France - is a son of two professional athletes from the US who chose to develop their careers in Europe after graduating from their respective colleges. As a son of professional Basketball players in Major European Leagues – KMT developed... More


SportsMavin - or a Mavin as called by many is a Canadian based sports handicapper and binary options trader. His well documented trading signals have earned his followers over 75,000$ in 10 months in 2013. As Harvard School of Business graduate he spent... More

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