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Author Archive Phixer

Phixer – originally a Brit from Cyprus who has major business interests in Newark NJ USA -was a controversial figure in the beginning of his Sports Handicapping career as he was advocating certain views about the professional sports and their governing bodies. But very soon he became one of the most respected and highly regarded professionals in the field with overall +40000$ earnings only on US professional sports in only a few months last season. He is listed as Number 3 on Cappers List for the season 2012/2013 and is expected to top the list in this season after ending his NFL season with 6,500$ profits hitting all the possible Super Bowl angles. He has a great following and most popular thread this year on at the NFL forum with over 850,000 views. His NBA thread too is the most popular in that genre facilitating over 225,000 views. His unique ways at looking how the lines originate and develop and choice of games earned the reputation of one who truly "phixes" games as his nick.

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