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MK, also known as mkbini - is a NYC based legendary figure in sports betting world with unblemished reputation as a man of integrity and a a profitable handicapping professional. For many MK is considered a Guru of sports handicapping with his unique ways of capping the games and his unorthodox perspective of the professional sports. Some of his students/followers have become major figures in sports handicapping world and based their strategies on teachings of the Master. He's also a founder of and has always earned his followers money, contributed for community and earned respect and recognition for his day in day out working attitude.

Article Author: April 7th, 2017

New Order. The Jewish Passover is here to remind us we should always Strive for Freedom

Dear RainMaker365 family. This is to announce that effective now – I’m taking over the website RainMaker365. Hostile or friendly takeover – call it as you wish – but, I do take it back and from today on we will have a new content everyday uploaded for your convenience and enjoyment!

The First and Opening act will be celebrating the most important known holiday in our world – Passover as it symbolizes human drive for Freedom. Exodus story is to remind us year after a year that each and every one of us are still enslaved to one thing or another and regardless of our religious affiliation – We all should Remember that and Strive for Freedom!

As in the story of the exodus from Egypt, the process of going free can never be peaceful and calm. There is something extreme and violent about it, and it involves a great loneliness. And yet, there comes a time when everyone has to take a deep breath and move ahead taking some sort of a decision regarding his or her Tomorrow. We are here to make that future Financially Secure and that is the reason this site was born years ago. Many things happened since. Some positive, and some, negative. But, the drive was always positive and we helped over here many people to become financially secure.

Now, by taking over – I will personally make sure each and every step taken here to help a fellow men and women to explore every opportunity to better his or her financial status.

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