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Article Author: November 25th, 2014

ALPHA – What Are We Doing About It and How You Can Take Advantage of IT

Now, when we have an absolute answer to what was the cause of the discrepancy between the trading results for various traders – it is a time for applying a resolution to the problem. But – with all due respect to those who got the short end of the stick – is there really a problem? And if there is – is it a problem for everyone or just for the small group who underfunded their accounts against our good advise or opened less than 4 broker accounts as we advised? No, please do not be alarmed – we are not about to blame anyone for their own losses and are very sensitive to the issue as we created the very system from the beginning to serve each and every individual on this planet. What I am trying to say that we have to look to the truth in the eyes and check ourselves first before being ready to apply the true and viable solution which can maintain the profitability and yet do not discriminate anyone who complies with Money Management System directives. Well, that is very good but what about those who did exactly that – depositing 250$ in 4 accounts as instructed and still experienced losses? Legit question. So, here is the answer: we searched our database and cross checked it looking to see what Bankroll holders over How Many accounts achieved what kind of results. So, here it is: 88% of those who had accounts over at least 4 brokers with at least 2044 Money Units (USD, Euro or GBP) – emerged winners since they have joined the 100PercentProfitBot(VOL1). The number is absolute because not everyone joined at the same time and thus not everyone conducted the same amounts of trades – but generally speaking – Over 2044 is Good. Under is Not So Good and Under 1000 or 3 broker accounts is Bad. 1000 Money Units over 4 broker accounts was not so far the great success because it was in a minority place compared to other accounts. Much more people funded their accounts over 1000 Money Units than not. And yet to have a decisive winning record as everyone under 2044 Money Units borderline began mixing the wins with losses. Now, you have to understand that not all the trades were close margin trades – therefore  – not all the wins or losses are the result of how fast the BOT entered you in a trading position.  The BOT too did not function all that well and we already know why> You must have noticed that the trading lately was conducted with a flat 25$ per broker stakes. After searching through the Logic Code of the BOT we have discovered that we had written a precautionary note saying – IF the BOT won’t find any trades that fit the criteria over the period of 24 hours – the BOT will force a trade using the closest parameters to those set as a criteria. Since we left the percentage box definitions empty – the BOT simply took minimal trade sizes over all the broker accounts the trader had accounts with as a default. Ok, but if that was the case why did the BOT continue trading after one trade and did not wait for another 24 hours? And when he stopped trading – what triggered that stop? I can say with utmost confidence that the BOT did not do something he was not programmed to as well as it did not stop trading because of its own decisions. The reason the trading continued was the absence of stopping instruction conditions in the sequence and the reason it stopped was because the asset price behavior was out of “closest to criteria” limits which were predefined. Bits and pieces of codes that now we are searching throughout the whole code. Certainly a bug we created by missing the value at the loop from the very beginning – but still a fact. This is a Beta Testing and things like this happen as the Beta testing is designed for finding bugs. Now, we did not foresee that there will be a crazy trading week as we had last week when the BOT will have a hard time finding the trades fitting the criteria especially after we have toughened them and re toughened them again after few unsuccessful trades the BOT took being influenced by a general feeling of panic among the traders. Following that feeling was an erroneous decision on our part. I want you to know that every error we make will never be repeated and most of them were done while trying to fix the system in hurry under the pressure of new traders joining and demanding trades right away. No more. The BOT will be idle when we decide it that we should address some issue and anyone not liking it – can leave. No more giving ins to a public outcries usually to do with pure ignorance and greed. Those who are here for a five minute hit and run trading – are welcome to leave now. This is a serious business and those who will follow my way of thinking will profit and big.

This article will be continued and completed very soon as you can see by the title – it will be interesting read.

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