About us

When I was putting together a team to run this site, I had an extraordinary opportunity to share my vision about what we’re about to present the public with. After all, I have seen it all, been there, done that… But what I want to present here is completely different from what I’ve seen or been part of.

Our topic is “what is the best way to create a source of steady monthly income” aside from what you already earn from your job or business. It may seem trivial at the beginning but it really is not.

Rainmaker365 logoI can tell you from my own well documented experience that in order to find the real way to create that income – one has to explore each and every possibly existing way to do it and what we’re going to do is exactly that.

We will examine every possible way to generate that income. If it’s a sports betting or forex trading. If it’s long term or short term investment.

And we will do it week after week exploring every existing tactic and strategy… and we’ll do it for you with real money actually putting each and every existing tactic or strategy to the real test. Live.

And we’ll give you an opportunity to comment and post your own opinion about which venues are attractive to you and which tactic or strategy is sound from your perspective. We’ll examine all the major players in those venues and we’ll rate them together with you.

We’ll examine where your money can be safe and where it can be easily withdrawn. Where it can generate most bonuses and how easy you can cash those bonuses. We will examine what are the limits and what are the ways to deposit and withdraw money with ease .

We’ll do all this in return for your trust and your confidence in us which we will earn by producing real answers to real questions.

And there’s more. Professional forums, contests on the picks and trades and most importantly the picks, tips and trading signals from the best documented sports handicappers and the traders in the world as you will recognize each and every of them.

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