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Article Author: March 9th, 2018

The Real Crypto Bot Introduction

Hey there everyone. This is a very exciting times for me and the crew here as we are ready to present the Real Crypto Bot. What is the meaning of using a word REAL? Am I claiming the other Bots ain’t real? No. By the word REAL I want emphasize that this is not CFD or Forex Bot (which I have not much either – the knowledge or attraction towards). By the word REAL I mean that the Bot is designated for Crypto markets only. One that can be used at Crypto Currencies exchanges.

It is pretty strange that the word Crypto is so new that even Google tags it as wrongly spelled. Well, there is nothing wrong with our Bot thou. I will lay down one by one all the stages of the development so far and will run together with you, right here, in front of you and with your kind participation – the whole Beta testing process. BTW, I already have tested the Bot myself and found out that it is working in a satisfactory manner performance wise and even better the idea wise.

So , what is the Crypto Bot all about? Why was it at all needed and subsequently invented?

The Bot is in order to increase the amount of both – the Currency 1 and the Currency 2 it is traded against. In our first particular case I chose BTC and USDT traded at the platform connected by double API to the Bot.

  1. I exchanged $1000 worth of BTC in order to create LOT1 of trading Spot. No worries. You will soon get used to that terminology as it is invented on the fly. Just follow what I do and I will explain all in detail.
  2. After paying the small commission for exchanging  BTC for USDT I have now 999.49 USDT (US Dollar Tether equal to USD).I will divide that $1000 (let’s round for the sake of saying) into 4 sub bankrolls. 2.5%, 7.5%, 22.5% and 67.5%. The Spot2 (one was open for entering the whole sum in as you can see right now worth of 7,161.22 USD which is combined from 0.53595026 BTC and 999.49972277 USD).
  3. Now let’s take a look at our Bot UI and make some initial explanations:This is the Bot before login and shows it’s development stage. Once it is beta tested and becomes publicly functional – you will be able to connect to it and using it for your own benefit. We haven’t yet determined the percentage of commission to charge for the use of the Bot if at all. It all depends how impressive the performance will be and how fast we will be able to debug it in case we would need to.
  4. Now, the following is the UI interface after we are logged in:Now we will open the new Spot in size of 2.5% of our bankroll which is $1000. That would be $250
  5. As you can see we have many options of trading Crypto Currencies between them or against USDT. In our case we will choose BTC and USDT.
  6. I reduced the dollar amount I want to trade in this particular spot to 250 and the BTC to 0.001 (symbolical non zero for Bot functionality). The Bot is checkig with me if I want to trade 250 dollar amount and I check yes. Also, after that I have to confirm the Bot activation and I am ready.

We got stuck at this point as the bot showed some slow responses and got stuck 7.5 spot.
We re grateful for those bugs showing up now nd letting us to learn real time and in front of you about this creation.

We are resolving the issue and you are welcome to open yourself a disqus account and message us and the community your thoughts so far. You also can login into disqus with one ofyour social network tools as shown at the commenting options.

Article Author: February 26th, 2018

How the Bot idea was born…

Unlike most of the people – I had all lined up for me. Good education, loving parents, military service at the world’s top cyber unit. I could do anything I wanted. I could be a millionaire just like that by creating or joining one of the scam ponzy schemes programmed for the weak minded and lazy people dreaming to become millionaires overnight. Many of my colleagues were doing it just for fun (and lots of money), binary options, Forex, casinos online etc etc. But, I had a strong family background with religious upbringing with strong principal beliefs what is right and what is not right. I would never engage in any kind of business based on Zero Sum Games principle. What is that? Well, Zero Sum Games theory is the one saying in simple words that in order for someone to make money – someone else has to lose it. I strongly believed then and strongly believe now that in order to truly make it – one has to invent something that will be based on anything but Zero Sum Games principle. Like some sort of the robot that will create enough income for regular Joe to make him stop worrying about paying bills and finally do what he or she wanted to do and meant to do by the nature. Complicated? Not really. What if you really and without any doubt could engage in such online activity that would drive enough resources to you so you would stop worrying about tomorrow and start living today knowing tomorrow is taken care off as well? Sounds crazy? I know. But, please bear with me just for few more moments – moments that will surely change your life and your perspective on it.
Imagine yourself joining with another one, two or thousand persons like yourself and all of us doing something incredibly smart and at the same time incredibly simple all at the whim of my hand all at once in unison? And that something will immediately – as soon as this evening – start adding to your equity making you richer than yesterday every single day from now and thru the eternity?
I know. Sounds crazy. But, it is all real and it is here and most importantly – no one is losing the money we’re making but it comes from the markets we created ourselves while even the banking institutions won’t feel it.
Is that legal? Barely legal. Yet. And that is where the time factor comes in. This loop hole which you will understand pretty soon – won’t stay there forever. New people who would want to join in the future – may encounter some difficulties and stay out. But, those who would join now – would enjoy the rights of so called “tenants” even when the regulatory bodies will finally find time for us and try to push some regulations in.
But, now – the ground is clear.
So, what is it I am talking about and how soon you can join and what you have to do to become eligible for this great opportunity – to become financially comfortable for the rest of your life – I have created for you?

Article Author: January 27th, 2018

Crypto Currency Signals – Manual and Digital, Publicly Open Robot Development. Prologue

cryptosignalsI decided to purchase this site for several reasons: I liked it’s name and the character of community effort to create financial instruments from scratch. Because, I consider myself an expert in creating not only financial instruments available for the use of wide public, but, I also make sure my instruments are thought thru from the beginning and will not encounter unexpected problems and experience unexpected issues like it seemed it happened with the previous owners who tried very hard and with absolute integrity to develop some robot that would create an extra income for the community members first and for the wide public next – but, failed to deliver the product in its originally engineered form as they have encountered countless problems regulation wise and functionality wise.

Well, that is not going to happen with us and the product we are going to develop here is different in its essence from the attempt to develop the product by the previous owners who tried to develop a public friendly product in a very unfriendly  in an unfriendly Ecosystem rooted in Zero Sum Games: in order for the public to profit – the “other” public had to lose. That didn’t make any sense and although the idea was great to develop a public friendly licensed product – still, it was not really thought thru.

Our product in development is not designed to be operated in Zero Sum Games Ecosystem, but, in an absolutely friendly Ecosystem where no one has to lose for someone to gain. The Crypto Markets Ecosystem we plan to develop and operate our product at is a novice market yet known to very little and is not infiltrated by the banking system and the liquidity providers so there is no need for someone lose anything as it is more like regular stock markets and indices rather than binary markets the previous owners aimed their product at.

So, this is an opening “speech” to be followed by several Sessions that will get us all on the same page. It will be like in a boot camp – we will make sure that all of us are equally positioned and possess same level of knowledge as to how to operate in the Crypto Currency markets having registered with various exchanges and being adequately familiar with the infrastructure to facilitate the first manual signals sent by me and then facilitating the digital signals before finally getting connected to the robot that will operate by each and everyone’s personal preferences acquired during the manual and digital signal receiving.

Welcome and Best of Luck.

Article Author: April 7th, 2017

New Order. The Jewish Passover is here to remind us we should always Strive for Freedom

Dear RainMaker365 family. This is to announce that effective now – I’m taking over the website RainMaker365. Hostile or friendly takeover – call it as you wish – but, I do take it back and from today on we will have a new content everyday uploaded for your convenience and enjoyment!

The First and Opening act will be celebrating the most important known holiday in our world – Passover as it symbolizes human drive for Freedom. Exodus story is to remind us year after a year that each and every one of us are still enslaved to one thing or another and regardless of our religious affiliation – We all should Remember that and Strive for Freedom!

As in the story of the exodus from Egypt, the process of going free can never be peaceful and calm. There is something extreme and violent about it, and it involves a great loneliness. And yet, there comes a time when everyone has to take a deep breath and move ahead taking some sort of a decision regarding his or her Tomorrow. We are here to make that future Financially Secure and that is the reason this site was born years ago. Many things happened since. Some positive, and some, negative. But, the drive was always positive and we helped over here many people to become financially secure.

Now, by taking over – I will personally make sure each and every step taken here to help a fellow men and women to explore every opportunity to better his or her financial status.

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