NBA Tuesday: IND Pacers vs ATL Hawks Totals

At the first glance – it is hard to understand LVSC’s perspective on all the line releases for the games between those teams this season. The first game totals line was 187.5 points and ended up in 184 points. The line for the next game totally disregarded the previous Under and was released at 200.5. What happened? In that game there were only 174 points scored. Undershot by 26.5 points. And for tonight’s game – like nothing significant happened – the released line stood at 191 points which is already at 196 now. So what the heck is happening here? I read it as follows. The last game was “supposed” to end in Over  – otherwise releasing a 200.5 line after an Under in a previous game with the line of 187.5 – would be pretty stupid. And we know that LVSC is not stupid. Something went very wrong in that game, like the refs were not tough enough to call each and every single move or whatever. So, now the game must end in Over.

My projected score here is 101-93 Indiana. But projection alone and the outcome alone in this case. I will buy the points here as well.

This is a 3 Units Play

Over 193  -145


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