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Article Author: April 7th, 2017

New Order. The Jewish Passover is here to remind us we should always Strive for Freedom

cash from ATM

Dear RainMaker365 family. This is to announce that effective now – I’m taking over the website RainMaker365. Hostile or friendly takeover – call it as you wish – but, I do take it back and from today on we will have a new content everyday uploaded for your convenience and enjoyment!

The First and Opening act will be celebrating the most important known holiday in our world – Passover as it symbolizes human drive for Freedom. Exodus story is to remind us year after a year that each and every one of us are still enslaved to one thing or another and regardless of our religious affiliation – We all should Remember that and Strive for Freedom!

As in the story of the exodus from Egypt, the process of going free can never be peaceful and calm. There is something extreme and violent about it, and it involves a great loneliness. And yet, there comes a time when everyone has to take a deep breath and move ahead taking some sort of a decision regarding his or her Tomorrow. We are here to make that future Financially Secure and that is the reason this site was born years ago. Many things happened since. Some positive, and some, negative. But, the drive was always positive and we helped over here many people to become financially secure.

Now, by taking over – I will personally make sure each and every step taken here to help a fellow men and women to explore every opportunity to better his or her financial status.

Article Author: December 5th, 2015

Towards Week 13 Sunday Games in NFL: Money, Trends and overall numbers

In order to identify the trends and their chance for continuity – here’s few variations on what is going to happen IF and HOW.

MIN Vikings vs SEA Seahawks

Minnesota Vikings are the team that makes living for the books from an Underdog positions and has the best ATS record as well as the “best” O/U trend that always helps the books. Not many teams have achieved such great numbers from books’ perspective while winning.  Combining those two – ATS and Totals – the Vikings are a clear Vegas Darlings this season.  With 9-2 ATS  (4-0 as Underdogs) and 1-8-2 O/U – they have been most of the time opposite to Public Joe bets and in few times that they did win majority of bettors’ hearts  – they did it against Big Money from Asia still maintaining a good standing with our own wise guys. Interestingly enough – they will be hosting this week the Reigning Vegas Darling – the Seahawks. Although the Seahawks succeeded to elude their supporters as many times as they have eluded their opposition supporters – they still never made so much fr the books in a regular season as the Vikings this season only. The Superbowl’s are a different story as the Seahawks have made the books money when they won the Superbowl as well as when they lost. And not only the Superbowl’s are their specialty but the whole Post Season plays for 2 years in a row.

So far – the line that opened at Pick and 41 is now Seattle -2 and 42. The public is heavy on Seattle with 7 out of every 10 ATS and 7 out of every 10 ML bettors are on the visitors. The Over is also a popular bet with 6.5 out of every 10 being on it. But the number of the bettors is not even a 20% of what is projected to be and you may say that those are people who think they know what is going to be by considering their picks as a direct result of professionally handicapping the games. That means that the lines still may change here.

What is Vegas angle here? Well, Vegas could let this one fly any direction and since nor NFL nor the books feel comfortable with 9 ATS winners out of 11 and 1-8-2 O/U records -while there is only a very small money on this game. So, as of now – and only now – the lean is the Seahawks -2 and Over 42. The realization of that lean would depend on the Public Joe joining on Sunday close to a game time and pounding one or another side to the extent that will force an external interference as much as uncomfortable we all feel about that kind of a terminology. So far – so good. Small money, small amount of bettors.

NO Saints vs CAR Panthers

The Carolina Panthers -on the other hand have cost Vegas and the books this season winning the hearts of Public Joes more than once. They will be playing in NO where by the trending they should lose ATS and may be even SU. Great deal of money on NO Saints make the books and Vegas uncomfortable desperately trying to get sime money in to even the action on the Panthers. In the first stage the line was released at CAR -7 -110. That has quickly changed to CAR -7  +110 and then to +105. Now the line stands at CAR -6.5 -110. The meaning is that the books and Vegas believed that if they draw the action on the Saints first by making them a TD underdogs at home  – they could always ven the action by dropping the line to -6.5 on CAR. But they got caught off guard by big money from the Asia which now will force them to have another interference on the behalf of the Panthers if the money won’t even out. And considering the amounts – the most betted game so far – that won’t be easy. The “I don’t give a flying … about you attitude of Cam Newton is trending as well and my lean here is against what I would bet at the beginning of this week – CAR -6.5. Over is almost Automatic here. But again. Those are only the leans.

The number of the bets on this game will grow and this may be the most betted of Afternoon games. So, we will follow the trending closely.

NY Giants vs NY Jets

Not as a popular game betting wise as I would think. Money is almost even and the public Joe is still asleep while the so called “sharps” are pounding the Giants and the Over. The Jets are a very good defensive team. The Giants are very unpredictable but they won’t be able to go thru the game with the passing offense only and on the ground they are awaited by one of the best rushing defenses. The Giants will be playing this one out like the Bills did and that is why I believe that they will force the Jets into mistakes while the QB advantage with Beckham and JPP may make the difference needed here. So, I lean, as for now – before the big money will come – and it will – The Giants +2.5 for -110 and may even buy a half a point to +3 just in case if I will bet this game. And the Under.

Vegas and the books will factor in this game only if the big money will com in unevenly.

This will be continued….

Article Author: November 25th, 2015

Money Management in Sports Handicapping – Phixer’s way Part 1, Prologue

The Money Management System by Phixer 


There  are  few  types  of  sports  bettors.

The  recreational  ones  –  those  who  bet  for  fun  and  do  not  depend  financially  in  any  way  on  winning  or  losing  bets.  They  have  a  steady  job  and  manage  their  finances  in  a  way  that  they  allocate  the  funds  for  betting  from  the  beginning  or  on  the  fly  not taking  large  bets  they  can’t  afford  to  lose.

There are  professional  sports  bettors  who  treat  their  sports  betting  as  a  science  and  invest  most  of  their  time  in  researching  and  calculating  the  odds.  They usually  are  not  disclosing  their  systems  and  tactics  and  enjoy  the  profits  quietly  trying  to  stay  under  the  radar.

And,  there  are  degenerate  gamblers  who’s   thrill  is to  take  a  bet  and  watch  their  money  being  risked   –  most  of  the  time  irresponsibly  –  and  no  matter  they  win  or  lose,  at  the  end  they  are  always  broke  looking  for  another  source  to  get  the  money  they  can  gamble  away.

If  you’re  honest  enough  with  yourself  –  you  can  easily  find  yourself  belonging  to  one  of  those  categories.  Of  course  –  each  of  the  categories  described  above  have  sub  categories  and  sometimes  they  all  mix  together  in  one  big  mish  mash.  But  basically  –  we  all belong  in  one  of  those  categories.  Many  of  us   –  I  believe  –  at  one  time  or  another   –  have  crossed  the  lines,  but  at  the  end  of  the  day   –  we  are  all  enslaved  to  that  thrill  called  gambling.

But  then,  everything  in  our  lives  is  gambling.  Every  gamble  we  take  has  different  odds  and  spreads  attached  to  it – either  we  cross  the  street  or  we  marry,  taking  a  flight  or  driving  a  car,  ordering  a  pizza  or  a  take  away  sushi,  putting  our  children  in  one  school or  another…. Millions  of  the  decisions  we  take  in  our  everyday  life  without  really  having  an  insurance  they  will end  up  successfully.  The  odds  of  getting  hit  by  a  car while  crossing  the  street  are  extremely  low  while  the  odds  of  us  making  it  to  the  other  side  of  the  street  are  extremely  high,  same  as  the  odds  for  our  pilot  to  land  the  plane  we’re  boarding.  Now,  the  odds  for  the  pizza  to  be  as  good  tasting  as  we  expect  it  to  be  are  somewhat  of  a  spread  between  our  expectations  and  the  what  we  really  feel  after  we  finished  consuming  a  slice  or  a two.  Ordering  a  take  away  sushi  is  similar – but here  we  have  another  factor   figuring  in  the  spread – the  long  term  gamble  of  how  fresh  was  the  raw  fish  we  just  consumed  results  of  which  we  may  experience  in  only  few  days  after  consuming  the  sushi.   Marriage  is  a  super  long  period  bet,  but  still  a  bet.  In  every  sense.  I’d  say  it  is  the  whole  combo  of  bets:  will I  still love  her  in  X  years,  will she  still love  me  in  X  years?  Will she  stay  as  beautiful  and  charming  as  she  is  now and  will she  develop  into  a  life  partner  I  hope  she  will.  Or  the  opposite  if  the  woman  would  be  writing  all this.  Today,  one  of  the  most  common  social  bets  is  the  career  we  choose  to  develop  at  the  certain age  investing  in  it  long  hours  of  studying  and  tremendous  amounts  of  money –  and  it  is  usually   a gamble  with  a  very  high  risk  with  ever  changing  world  and  the   technological  advances.  That  is  the  reason  most  of  the  people  are  working  in  jobs  they  hate ,  live  with  people  they  rather  not  and  finding  a  refuge  in  one  or  two  indulgences   while  sports  betting  is  definitely  one  of  them.

Ok,  usually  we  do  not  get  run  over  by  a  car,  we  land  safely,  we  forget  about  the  pizza  the  minute  we  are  done  eating  it,  we  survive  the  sushi  and  even  getting  used  to  live  with  other  persons  we  were  convinced  we  would  love  forever.  Why?  Because  we  usually  take  well calculated  bets .  The life  has  taught  us  simple  lessons  we  do  not  forget  and  act  by  them.

And  we  also  know  how  much  more  or  less the  things  we  consume  cost.  We  know  that  if  something  costs  500 dollars  and  we  earn  at  our  job  25  dollars  an  hour   –  that  particular  item  we  want  to  purchase  equals  to  20  hours  of  our  work  and  if  the  work day  is  8  hours –  then we  would  have  to  work 2 and  half  days  for  that  item.  That  is  when  a reasonable  person  decided  if  that  item  is  worth  of  him or  her  working  for  2.5  days  or  not.   Now,  if  we  have  the  bills to  pay  each  month  for  2000 dollars,  food  costs  us  another  600  dollars  and  we  also  have  miscellaneous  expenses  of  1000 dollars  a month  – and there are  only  22  working  days  a month  allowing  us  to  earn  4400 dollars  a month – then,  after  paying  the  bills and  having  miscellaneous  expenses  –  we still have  800 dollars  left  and  can  afford  buying  that item  as  long  as  we  do  not  spend  more  than  300  dollars  besides  the  above  expenses.  Now  honestly –  most  of  us  do  not  thing  that  way  and  even  if  we  do – and  figure  that  we  can’t  afford  to  pay  for  that  item – we’re  buying  things  we  can’t  afford  in  few  installments  and  that  is  when  the  installments  begin  to  pile  up  and  then  we  are  working  only  for  paying  our  debts.  That  is  usually  when  we  are  looking  for  additional  sources  of  steady  income.

Turning  our  beloved  habit  of  sports  betting  into  that  particular  source  of  a   steady  monthly  income  seems  easy  at  the  beginning  but  pretty  soon  becomes  another  hole  in  our  pocket.

Why?  For  various  reasons  that  have  to  do  with  our  nature  where  the  sports  betting  becomes  part  of  our  emotional  activity  instead  of  becoming  a  strict  automatic  business  transactions  where  we  buy  high  probability  events  for  the  higher  price  than  those  of  the  low  probability.  But  we  rarely  practice  what  I just  described.  Because  we  do  not  treat  sports  betting  as  a business but  as  an  emotional  practice.

So,  why  can’t  we  turn  sports  betting  into  successful  enterprise  as  the  businessmen  do  with  their  business  ideas?  There is  absolutely  no  reason  it  can’t  be  done.  I’m  a living  proof  of  that.  The  money  management  tactics  and the  strategy  I  apply  are  the  key  element  in  my  financial  success.  That  is  how  I  turned  55  hundred  dollars  into  more  than  16K  in  2  and  a  half  months  since  the  September  10th.  In  front  of  most  of  you.  Together  with many  of  you  who  followed  each  and  every  or a  vast  majority  of  my  picks.

And  what  is  that  thing  I  mentioned  regarding  turning  a  relatively  small  and  absolutely  affordable  amount  of  money  into  hundreds  of  thousands  of  the  dollars  in  less than   a  year?

Part  two  –  the  conclusive  evidence  and  absolutely  easy  to  execute  sports  betting  strategy  governed  by  sound  Money management  –  is  coming  up  soon

Article Author: September 19th, 2015

Sports Betting Part 1

This week 2 emerges as one of the most interesting in deciphering the Vegas code.

I’d like to put into the right perspective the Vegas role in all the sportsbetting business first.

So, how the whole business works and what we mean when we say Vegas this and Vegas that? Well, in oder to understand how the system works – we have to know the flow and the role of each player we have to deal with and decipher.

1. The lines and the odds for whatever we bet originate in Las Vegas usually. There used to be one authority called Las Vegas Sporting Commission that all the best experts and the oddsmakers used to sit there and each in its area of expertise used to issue opening lines for each bettable sporting event around the globe. The books used to hire the services of LVSC and after receiving the opening lines and odds – they used to doctor those according to how they read the market and the bettors perceptions while the main goal of both – LVSC and the books (online most, but also Vegas casinos and the hotels as well as other gambling institutions round the globe – was to create the lines as close as possible to the middle (so there will be similar amount of money on both side of the spread, totals and the money line). Now, since creating the middle line for the spreads and the totals was possible by setting the number as close as possible to expected outcome  – with the money line they had to calculate the potential backing on each team and set the odds the way that the money wise – there will be an equilibrium on both sides. That was an idea. And that idea was to serve the books to live on juice or the wig or the commission – any way you call it. That meant that no matter what side won – the books would always earn the juice in the middle. Well, that didn’t always happen as sometimes and even most of the times there were unbalanced sides and then the books had to change the lines and the odds to attract people to take the less betted side so the books could be balanced. That was the case and is still the case although LVSC is no more the major force in the business as today the people who call them themselves the “traders” are the experts who actually decide on lines and the odds and offer their services to anyone interested. Most of the books and hotels and casinos employ their own traders who are in close contact with the other traders of the other books and hotels and casinos and are actually synced between each other using the trading and betting platforms created to monitor a major source for the lines and odds adjusted according to the amount of money flowing in globally and thus issuing almost the similar lines and odds in all books, hotels and casinos. So, Las Vegas as the city in the state of Nevada has nothing to do with our meaning of Vegas as it is conditional nick for the side that manipulated the lines and the odds through various tools and methods. If it was up to books and casinos – they would like to have all the games absolutely balanced money wise guaranteeing them profits steadily through the juice. But that is not the case. And actually never was. Because people have their own perceptions about the lines and the odds.

I have to insert a sentence here that makes clear what we are dealing with when handicapping games: we all have to understand that the sportsbettors are merely a fraction of people who watch and enjoy the sporting events. Therefore – the first and utmost importance is given to the entertainment value of those events. Sportsbetting is only another tool to attract people to the events and watch them although they have no interest in one or another side winning. Merchandising and advertising are closely knitted with networking enterprises creating a giant circus for all to see and enjoy. So, the usual perception of an average gambler that the game ended up in a certain way opposed to his or her logic and the predictions  – may be a disaster to him or her but has utmost entertainment value for the business and the viewers who mostly have nothing to do with the lines and the odds. So, even if there are some events manipulated into certain outcomes – it is not automatically a “Vegas Fault”. Actually number of interests have to inter cross in order to create a manipulation that will also go through. The leagues in professional sports are trying to avoid inequality between the teams – the draft system is the testimony for that when the weakest teams are given an opportunity to pick the strongest players for the next season. No league is interested in having the Bulls consecutive three pits. Or Real Madrid’s consecutive European Titles, or Michael Tyson beating everyone in his way in just one round, or Maradona dominating the football the way he did, or Brady, Mannings and all the other great quarterbacks winning the titles year after year etc etc. That is not a good business. But if there will be no interference by the leagues through manipulations of all kinds – what we will see is that the NE Patriots and the Green Bay Packers  will be winning the title every other year. Or LBJ and the POP winning the titles alternating years. I can give you many examples but first digest all this and in Part 2 we will also touch the subject of how the bias is created and who has hands in it. Actually all of us are guilty of the bias in sports.

Article Author: September 14th, 2015

Handicapping Vegas Part 1

gfgfAs an experienced sports handicapper in particular and an inquisitive person in general – I made myself a rule never to take anything for granted. If I get some information or the stats about certain sporting event – first of all I have to check it’s authenticity and be 100% sure I am not being “had”.

Now, in order to intelligently handicap a sporting event – you have to make sure the stats and the info you receive are coming from different sources and they can be crosschecked before you can really depend on them or consider them as the part of your handicapping tool.

That is the way LVSC handicaps the games and creates the lines and the odds which later are conveyed to the books and we receive them after the books have doctored them and adjusted them with an updated information they receive from their sources.

Only after that we can actually begin handicap the games closely following the line changes as well as the odds going up and down, betting trends and the numbers of the bettors on various sides of the bets as well as the money thrown in support of each side, Money line, totals or the props.
When I handicap my games – I make sure I know it all.  I have to know what were the opening lines and the odds. I have to know what number of the early bettors (sharps) jumped on what side of the bet.  I have to distinct between the sharps and early markets.  I have to know how the odds are moving and if there is a reverse line movement (RLM). I have to know what are the hidden stats. Because an obvious stats are available for all and if only an obvious stats would be a factor – then everyone who reads them would be winners.

Since all the info I described above except the hidden stats are available for most  – and I can list the sources for all of the publicly available stats – the HIDDEN STATS are the game changer.

And that info is not publicly available. It is never free.

I would not touch it if it was free.

Because if it was free – that would be another tool Vegas uses to lead the sheep to the slaughter.

Since I’m being asked repeatedly what kind of a site and what kind of the hidden stats am I talking about – here it is  premium stats and systems

Article Author: August 20th, 2015

New Trading Strategy Will Be Implemented Within VOL2 In Coming Weeks

HFTLots of different options were weighed in recent weeks by a VOL team. Lots of decisions  – some hard – had to be made in order to improve our ROI. The benchmark has been raised and we had to adjust ourselves accordingly not to lose the value. It is not a secret that in recent weeks our ROI has experienced some lows never seen before and although overall we maintained stability – that was never enough and is not enough now. I had to coupe with the reality and the reality is that regardless of how many adjustment I make and despite all the additions of the code – we still underachieved and that was not acceptable by me or any other team member.

So, hard choices were to be made. Is our trading strategy the best we can offer? Time doesn’t stand still and new technologies are producing new products. Stagnation was no option and we have voted to replace our current trading criteria altogether. Yes. VOL1 No More. It is outdated and outplayed as we see the emergence of the new predator called HFT already for years in stock markets and we know all about the applications it has if it is by scalping the bidders or reacting on  currency crosses price changes earlier than the market, or applying non stop activity on the same assets thriving for 60+% win rates in Forex and Binaries.

We decided that we wait no more and begin implementing the HFT engine ASAP. No. We are not the pioneers of that trading strategy as our strategy of the past was based on Algo Trading which is predicting the future, now we move on to HFT which is predicting the present and we have all the access to the most updated HFT engine on the market. One that produced and is producing to the people who implemented it in Binaries unheard before ROI.

No. I am not giving up on my philosophies or on VOL1 strategies but willing to try new one that has been absolutely fantastic result wise.

Why? And how we get that technology with such ease?

Well, it is a fair exchange between the developers of that technology and us who possess the most important innovation rights necessary for HFT to be successful in general and successful in the Binaries in particular. That innovation  is called a Multi Chanel Trading and it deals with the biggest nemesis the HFT can have – the latency issues.

So, we do nothing adventurous by adding HFT to our arsenal and in return the other side also made a great deal by getting from us the Multi Channel Trading technology as well as our Money Management technology inclusive of the Registration Module, and we get in return a fully dedicated to the Binaries High Frequency Trading Engine.

Those are the news I was talking about and we hope that addition to be implemented within weeks as those we cooperate with have all the experience and a proven record with the system and that can only work in our advantage. Till then – we will continue to trade with VOL1.

Article Author: February 8th, 2015

Gamma for All – recapping the first week of an official Gamma Platform Trading for All

Although officially the trading for all the eligible traders with Gamma Trading Platform began on last Monday,  February  2nd 2015 – the implementation of the system integrating all the eligible 100PercentProfitBot traders accounts within the Gamma Platform began on 27th of January 2015 following on decision  made by VOL1/100PercentProfitBot team. We were  reacting on the SwissNationalBank triggered events which threw the financial  markets into the turmoil.  The EuropeanCentralBank was supposed to provide the financial rescue vehicle in form of protecting the assets from wild speculative moves on part of the modern day “market  robbers” – but the ECB “froze” and its indecisiveness created even more turmoil. The regular financial instruments became useless in face of carefully orchestrated moves that had to do more with international politics than with the finance. That was the stage when 100PercentProfitBot versatility  – based on 3 different, totally independent from each other and absolutely modular trading systems  –  became handy.  Volatility and Slope Up/Down systems were traumatized by recent financial events and we decided to move all our traders to a carefully crafted, reverse engineering based Pattern Trading system which was previously an exclusive trading platform reserved for high risk experimental trading inhabited by “high roller traders” (original Wave ZERO Beta Testers) with bankrolls of over 30K. They were kind enough to cooperate without any reservation to allow us experiment with massive trading with the platform which till now was being used by only a few in a totally protected environment avoiding the risks of being bad priced because of  low margin trading results. They still reserve their obvious advantage based on large bankroll+max number of the broker accounts, so there was not really any reason for them not to welcome the changes that would benefit all.

We know that without addressing the issue of lag time between the first trader entered to a trading position by the BOT,  and the last one – we would once more have at our hands the issue of divergence in the results achieved. More than 2000 traders engaging the system simultaneously would for sure cause even bigger divergence in the results than before with the smaller number of traders. Therefore  – since we did not want to leave any eligible trader behind as we never do  – we decided to divide the traders into few groups that would trade separately from each other creating less lag time and allowing better results overall for a greater number of the traders. We just had to experiment with various numbers per group to find a close to perfect golden line that would not cause the last on line traders be affected by a bad pricing. That was the purpose for beginning the implementation while trading on 27th of January. We experimented with various numbers of the traders per group and stretched it till the moment where we saw that the bad pricing affects the trading results for more than a few. That experiment was very useful as the results achieved last week prove clearly that the bed pricing had a minimal to none affect on the trading results. The conclusion was that having more than 750 traders per group trading simultaneously is not safe from bad pricing issues. So, we divided the eligible traders number of which at that precise moment stood at 1982 into 3 groups: Group A, Group B and  Group C. 660, 660 and 662 were the numbers which today are of course different as the new traders are joining the list of the eligible ones on daily basis as well as those who encountered some issues trading before for various reasons – are also joining the trading circle.

Anyways – here’s a recap of the trades conducted on Gamma Trading Platform:

Between 27th and 29th of January 2015 unofficial experimental trading for the groups in order to find the right number of the members per group::

Group A  6-2

Group B  5-1

Group C 6-2

Groups A & D 5-1

Groups A & B 2-4

Groups A & C 3-2

Altogether  27-12

At this stage the traders are finally divided into 3 groups with defined traders per each group.

On Monday, 2nd of February 2015 the official trading with Gamma Platform have began and continued through Thursday, 5th of February:

Group A 4-2

Group B 5-1

Group C 4-2

Group A 14-10  (for the 1st time the Algorithm is activated and Wins at 7.5% bankroll trade size)

Most ended up 18-12 group A both sessions while one of the wins being a 7.5% size of a bankroll win. Those who traded with minimum sums of 25$ and 75$ in case of algorithm with 25% juice ended up with 75$ profit ((17X25X0.75)+(1X75X0.75))=318.75$+56.25$=375%, 12X25=300$. Profit=375$-300$=75$. An average juice for those 30 trades with all traders and the brokers used is 22.6%. So the real average profit is for minimum traders – ((17X25X0.774)+(75X0.774)=387$, 387$-300=87$ An average profit size considering not all ended up with the same result for those two sessions was 274.75$. Far from our goal but still a profit considering it was not a regular session with so many trades. Now, those are the numbers from the BOT and I just spread it out here for you to see what is achieved when we put as a goal to profit in any scenario and trading all the way till we do profit which I am sure I never saw anyone or anywhere has been achieved

Group B  4-2 (with 2 Algorithm Wins at 7.5 bankroll trade size)

Group C 3-5 but with a twist -Algorithm trades: 7.5% 3-2, 22.5% 1-1, 67.5% 1-0). Regardless to say the biggest profits being achieved with 3-5 record. The beauty of the Algorithm integrated with Gamma. 3-5 and still – the Minimum sum traders won on this sequence in average 289.75$!!! Average profit from the sequence considering all the traders with various bankroll stands at 1057.75$

Altogether 34-22, Algorithm 7.5% 3-2, 22.5% 1-1, 67.5% 1-0

Summing up all the trades for all the groups besides Group D that is no more in existence since the experiment was conducted: 61 wins, 34 losses.

Results since the implementation of the Gamma Trading Platform from Monday February 2nd 2015 per group:

Group A  – 18-12  An average juice for those 30 trades with all traders and the brokers used is 22.6%. So the average profit for minimum traders stands at – ((17 x 25 x 0.774)+(75 x 0.774)=387$, 387$-300$=87$. An average profit size considering not all ended up with the same result for those two sessions was 274.75$.

Group B – 9-3  An average juice for those 12 trades with all traders and the brokers used is 23%. So the average profit for minimum traders stands at  – ((7 x 25 x 0.77)+(2 x 75 x 0.75)=247.35$, 247.25$-75$=172.25$. An average profit size considering not all ended up with the same result for those two sessions was 541.25$.

Group C  7-7  An average profit for minimum traders on the two sequences (4-2, 3-5 with algorithm trades 5-3) stands at: 317.35$. Average profit from the both sequences considering all the traders with various bankroll stands at 1155$.

Those numbers are not even near the target. They are positive and and in the right direction, but the frequency of the trades has to increase in order to achieve the goals in preset time frame. The positive thing about those numbers besides them being moderately profitable – the system works correctly and is functional. The ultimate number of the traders per group is found and “targeted result trading” has proven itself. But on top of all those – the most positive thing is the implementation of Algorithm with Gamma.

***I want to thank MK for taking over  the forum in the days I fell ill and informative comments some of which were quoted above.

Article Author: June 27th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 3 – Daily Trades Analysis, Withdrawals and the Conclusions

There is a tremendous amounts of emails we’re getting inquiring about the withdrawal process and expressing concern that we may have started Wave ONE without notifying all who’s on the list. Well, Wave ONE did not begin yet as we are in a middle of withdrawal process of half the profits we accumulated during 20 days of trading. During that period we managed to more than to double our bankroll and did it in motion while fine tuning the system. I like to think of myself as a relatively modest person, but in this case – I must say how proud I am of what we have achieved here. Technically, Mathematically, Financially, but most importantly – Money Management wise. So, let us first go over the numbers. We have divided the whole record sheet into 4 parts each including 5 days of trading. We will analyse each and every part and see what have we achieved at the beginning, how tough did it get later and how smooth was the final run. We began with $30,000 per beta tester scattered over 3 brokers ($10,000 within each broker, some beta testers currency of choice were Euros). 5 Beta Testers  and me. Our goal was doubling the bankroll we began with and after that withdrawing half the winnings thus creating a new bankroll 1.5 times the previous bankroll and as a result increasing the size of initial trade gradually with each doubling/withdrawing the half the gains. First 5 Days of Trading:  51 trades altogether conducted. 33 wins and 17 losses and 1 push. We profited in the process $13,997.5 (Euros in case of two European Beta testers who chose to open their accounts in Euros over some brokers). Two of the beta testers were not able to log in into their accounts due to technical problems which were resolved immediately after conducting a first day of trading. So, those two will carry that load of not profiting $ 1,215 each. Otherwise the table is similar to all besides me as I conducted most of my trades with OR while the beta testers used MO, BO and BLO alternating between each broker. One more problem we encountered at the beginning was VOL1 relating to a bankroll as $10,000 instead of $30,000 thus making initial trades with $250 instead of $750 as it should have (2.5% of 30,000). That problem lasted more than 10 days of trading before resolution. There were also problems with VOL1 getting “stuck” with certain sizes of trades. Later we understood that VOL1 was “smarter” than we assumed and has understood the concept of “mixed” trades we were teaching it through presenting it with a big variety of algorithmic choices. First5Days                   Second 5 Days of trading was the period with most problems being resolved in  motion as the results speak for themselves:  43 trades conducted, 23 wins and 20 losses producing $1.322.5 of profits. Second5Days                 Third 5 Days of trading were considerably better than the 5 days before producing $7,147.5 profits on 33 trades going 21-12. After going the first day 8-8, the last 4 days produced 13-4 result. The reasons for improvement vary but mostly can be accounted to a   toughened criteria for taking a trading position as it was redefined for a system. Third5Days               Fourth 5 Days of Trading were the most productive days concluded by a close to perfect run. The results of all the fine tuning were mostly seen in last two days but overall outcome was amazing:  35-23 (18-2 in last two days) and plus $13,332.5. Fourth5Days                   That all produced overall record of 112-72 with +$35,800 for me and 3 beta testers while the other two have enjoyed 106-72 with + $34,585. Last2DaysandTotal           Interesting thing about all this to see what alternating the trades between the 3 brokers have produced:  $8,077.5 were won over MO, $28,180 (!!!) were won over BO while over BLO $457.5 were lost (according to system record and verified by each beta tester – except for two who were locked out the first day and subsequently won $7,672.5 over MO, won $27,775 over BO and lost $862.5 over BLO). Withdrawals At that part we have realized that we have a slight problem we have to take care of: when we were engineering our Money Management Console and writing a code for Withdrawal dictate by VOL1, we did not take into a consideration situation when the profits will exceed double the amount of initial bankroll all at once. The last 11 trades were conducted with the same expiry time bu VOL1 as the system identified favorable meddling opportunities and when the trades were concluded – we were $5,800 over the doubling an initial bankroll in 3 cases of Beta testers and my case,  and $4,585 over the doubling the initial bankroll with 2 beta testers who were locked out of trading on the first day. But we all got the same notification from VOL1 to withdraw half the profited sum of $35,800 – $17,900. That happened because the system calculated half the profits from it’s own performance and not by scanning the bankroll of each trader connected individually. So, first we had to “teach” VOL1 to relate to each trader’s bankroll individually while dictating withdrawal, and second – VOL1 had to calculate the withdrawal sizes from each broker in a way that the balances would be closest to equal with all 3. At that point we decided that there is no point to wait for rewriting the code for a second problem and went ahead with minimalist approach not to delay withdrawal process. We rewrote some parts of the code relating to reading individual balance rather than VOL1 performance record and began withdrawal process by requesting withdrawals one by one from the brokers.  It must be noted that the system calculates the bankroll as an initial one after each action of withdrawal or deposit and therefore the process is very important for conducting the future trades with according trade sizes. We have manually defined the amounts and began the withdrawal process. 3 of the beta testers were “advised” to withdraw $20,800 combined from their 3 accounts while the other two were “advised” to withdraw $19,585. That way the new bankroll will be exactly one and a half times the initial bankroll ($45,000). Once the requests for withdrawals were placed – we also had a discussion with Wave ZERO beta testers after which we decided that they will slowly withdraw all but $15,000 as we see no reason to pound the brokers with such high amounts during beta testing stages as that equals for us to “trumpeting our abilities from a roof top of the highest building in a city”. We, on our part will begin Wave ONE as soon as the initial wave of withdrawals is complete and money is in the bank. The withdrawal requests began on Monday and concluded on Thursday (yesterday). Please note that some of the beta testers already have reported money in the bank. Once all beta testers will have all the withdrawn money in their accounts – we will begin Wave ONE. That is a matter of couple days more. So, please be patient as we are here. There is no point in rushing anywhere as we are very careful with each step we take to make sure it is a right step in a right direction.

Article Author: June 23rd, 2014

World Cup 2014 In Soccer Group Stage Final Day Overview

Monday,June 23rd 2014

I’m enjoying this World Cup like none before. And I did attend few. The number of goals (94 in 32 games) and overall atmosphere is really like it should be in a country where everyone breathes soccer. I’m at Rio now and after attending 3 games played at Salvador  where I saw 17 goals I hope to have the same rate of “success” in Rio as well. The only thing that bothers is a fact that in a final group stage round – there will be games played in pairs, so instead of seeing another 16 single games – we will only see 8 pairs with two games in each group played simultaneously to avoid a situation when the teams –  that otherwise would be play a later game in the group –  would know what result they need to qualify based on the outcome of another game.

So, the first day presents us with 4 games – Holland vs Chile – which is a head to head battle for the first place in a Group B between the teams that already have qualified. Hard game to handicap as the South American teams have a tremendous advantage on those from Europe for several reasons: the Chileans did not play as intense season as the Dutch, the Chileans will be enjoying almost a home advantage being used to climate and getting  great support from their fanatic fans who overran the press room prior to the game against Spain. I have an opinion about the game where the Dutch need a draw to qualify from a first place avoiding meeting head to head with Brazil which most probably will qualify as a leader from Group A. The best pick seems Holland +0.5 which goes for -210 and is suitable to be used as a part of a parlay. The second game of the group between Spain and Australia is totally meaningless to both and although the logic says Spain – I would be careful with Australia being highly motivated not to be overran by angry Spaniards. I’d advise to stay away from that game Win wise or Asian Handicap wise and focus on number of the goals. But here too – the juice is high on Over 2.5 Goals (-175) , so the pick can be considered as part of a parlay only.

The later games of the evening will be a Group A games. Brazil vs Cameroon presents the locals with an opportunity to redeem themselves after a goalless draw against the Mexicans. Therefore – Brazil -1.5 for -215 can also be considered for a part of a parlay. Brazil can easily win by 3 to cover an original Asian Handicap line of -2.25, but then the whole world knows that they can – but will they? Winning by two goals seems safer than that although I that still is far from being an ideal pick. In a second game at the Group A  Croatia needs a win against Mexico to qualify. Any outcome of this game will be received as expected and I do not see a value in any of the regular picks here, but the First Card of the Game Before 34:00 for -120 seems a fair offer by the books.

To be continued…


Article Author: June 4th, 2014

VOL1 Report Part 1 – What is the difference between Wave ZERO, Wave ONE and Wave TWO? What are the timetables? When will Wave ONE start?

It is a time for an update on VOL1 Beta Testing process, Wave ZERO progress, the issues resolved and those awaiting resolution. It is also a right time to present you with some questions about your preferences regarding some features to be included in Wave ONE as well as in Wave TWO Beta Testing stages. We also want to put on the debating table the future of VOL1 as a final product as we value the opinion of each and every member of RainMaker365 community. This report will also include the detailed analysis and the results of each and every day of trading by VOL1 till now.

So, the Part 1 will review the following topic:

What is the difference between Wave ZERO, Wave ONE and Wave TWO?  What are the timetables? When will Wave ONE start?

At first, our estimation for the duration of Wave ZERO was not more than a week. Two at the most. We had 5 Beta testers each of them funding the accounts over 3 brokers. The system – although very profitable – had it’s problems if it was the trade size calculation or the criteria for trading, getting stuck on a certain trade size or not relating to a total bankroll but to the specific broker account etc. We have resolved each and every problem turning each and every stone in the process. We still are fine tuning the system as the final steps before closing Wave ZERO are:

  • Doubling the bankroll and withdrawing half the winnings (we’re half way there having earned little over 15K on top of 30K bankroll for each of the Wave ZERO beta testers over the first 10 trading days)
  • VOL1 making a self adjustment to a new bankroll (following the withdrawal) and subsequently re calculating the new trade sizes

At that stage we will have the following boxes checked:

  1. Enabling multiple users from different IP addresses and time zones to use the system simultaneously
  2. Allowing the system to approach existing accounts over several brokers and access them in order to analyze the size of an overall bankroll per user, calculate the trades sizes and conducting the trades
  3. Conducting the trades while moving from one broker to another
  4. Conducting the trades in parallel to each other when meeting the conditions
  5. Reacting positively to the changes in criteria and conditions for conducting the trades
  6. Reacting positively to activation/deactivation procedures continuing from deactivation point while activated

I understand that for most  – those pointers are meaningless, but creating a financial instrument is a big responsibility and before passing it on to you we have to make sure that all the possible flaws and malfunctions will be dealt at the first Beta Testing stage with  limited number of people who agreed to risk considerable amounts of money to check the system for real in it’s most critical stage of development. So, as I said – once the fine tuning will be completed and the withdrawals processed according to MMC requirements – we will initialize the second, no risk stage of the Beta Testing called Wave ONE which will deal with user interface issues while conducting the trades at full speed.

Wave TWO will be already a “public” version of Beta Testing examining the durability of the system with large number of the users self registering and funding their accounts.

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